Parenting and Self-Government: Interview with Nicholeen Peck

Parenting and Self-Government: Interview with Nicholeen Peck February 7, 2014

With guest Nicholeen Peck, featured on BBC’s “World’s Strictest Parents”

Is your home in crisis, or are you in crisis mode more than you care to admit?  Do your children do what they’re asked to do? Do you find yourself overwhelmed and overloaded or wanting to avoid interaction with a child or children?  Do your children treat you disrespectfully? Are you out of control as a parent in terms of your own emotions?

If this applies to you or someone you know, please (!) stay with me here. I’m confident you will more than benefit from this special podcast episode of I Believe, with guest Nicholeen Peck, mother, author of Parenting: A House United, featured on BBC’s highest-rated episode of  “The World’s Strictest Parents.” And don’t let that documentary title scare you….  Strict means adhering to principles.  We’re talking here about intentional parenting. Your family is worth this hour’s investment, right? And so are you.

In this cast, Nicholeen Peck will specifically address and model teaching our children to self-govern, different forms of parenting (lax, manipulative vs. structured, loving, and principled), and how to stay calm as a parent when the tidal waves come—in other words, how to set up your home to prevent much of the reactive kinds of behavior we see in many families today.

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