Building a Strong Foundation with Belly Button Healing

Building a Strong Foundation with Belly Button Healing July 13, 2016

Belly Button Healing, love your belly
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You have probably heard the spiritual parable of the two builders—one builds his house upon the rock and the other builds his house upon the sand. The house on the rock withstands the storm that passes through the land, while the house on the sand collapses and washes away. Of course, this story is referring to the need to base your life on truthful spiritual principles, but did you know the same is true for your body?

Yes, like a building, your body has a foundation. In Korean Sundo energy studies, this foundation is called the lower Dahnjon (If you want to know more about this, read my previous blog.) It is like the powerhouse of your body’s energy system, storing and supplying energy to your whole body. It is located about two inches below the belly button, and two inches inside the lower abdomen. When we feel strong and enthusiastic about life, we feel this area as a “fire in the belly” that powers us through any challenge.

Stable Center, Stable Spirit
You have to have a stable center to your body to stay centered within yourself. When people speak of “centering” themselves for meditation or prayer, this is the kind of inner core they seek.
Awakening the lower Dahnjon in your energy system will help you find and maintain a sense of centeredness, not just during meditation, but throughout your day-to-day life. Like a house built on a rock, people with a strong energy center can withstand the storms of life—their emotions remain stable, and they do not easily buckle under the stresses and pressures of living.

If you want to live a spiritual life, it is even more important to build a strong energy center, because otherwise you become like a tall skyscraper reaching up into the sky with a foundation of stilts. What would happen to that building if a strong wind blows? It will easily come toppling down and all will be lost.

True spiritual growth is a hard task that requires deep introspection and great emotional strength as we grapple with the most difficult parts of ourselves. In order to make sure you can withstand this process and remain strong and diligent, you must first develop your lower Dahnjon.

The Power Button
Unfortunately, many of us have weak Dahnjons these days, due to our sedentary lifestyles. We sit too much and focus outside of ourselves when we work and play, so the Dahnjon has no chance to fill with new energy and become stronger. People have all sorts of stress-related health issues these days, both mental and physical, because of this problem.

Since it is hard to change your lifestyle, you might wish that you had a button you could push to make things better. Usually, this kind of thinking is unrealistic, but this time you are in luck. You do have a button. It is called your belly button. I created a method called Belly Button Healing based on the healing powers it possesses.

The belly button is an important energy point through which energy enters the lower Dahnjon. There are 365 energy points that are part of the energy system of the body. These are the gates where energy moves in and out. Pressing the belly button while focusing on this point removes any energetic blockage there caused by stress, tension, or emotion. Then, more energy can enter your Dahnjon. The Dahnjon gets warmer and stronger, filling in a strong foundation for physical health, emotional strength, and stable spiritual growth.

Basic Belly Button Healing
For your body, the belly button is like an on-switch that brings energy to your lower Dahnjon. Personally, I was able to make great progress when I experienced some digestive issues. By massaging and stimulating my belly button, I was able to control my own physical symptoms. I kept refining the technique until I created something that I knew would work for everyone. Here is how to do basic Belly Button Healing:

Belly Button Healing, a natural alternative method for gut health
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  1. Sit in a chair or lie on the floor. Lying down is usually easiest, but using a chair is handy for practicing at work or in some other more public place. If you sit, choose a chair that you can lean back in comfortably.
  2. In a clockwise circular motion, gently rub your abdomen with your palm for a minute to relax your body and mind.
  3. Then, press with the three middle fingertips of both hands directly onto your belly button. (There is also a specific tool you can use to do Belly Button Healing. It is available at
  4. Relax your shoulders and repeatedly and rhythmically press your navel, focusing your mind on your lower abdomen.
  5. Exhale in sharp, short breaths through your mouth or nose as you practice. The relaxing effect is greater if you emphasize your outgoing breath.
  6. Do about 100 to 300 repetitions at once. This seems like a lot, but it should take only one to three minutes. It’s better to do this frequently in short bursts than to do it once for a long time.
  7. When you’ve finished pressing your belly button, spend a few minutes focusing on your body while you breathe comfortably. Imagine life energy entering your abdomen through your belly button, filling your Dahnjon. You may also feel energy sensations, such as tingling or warmth, spreading from your abdomen to your whole body.

Even a strong foundation needs to be maintained. Lack of regular attention will weaken your Dahnjon. Consistent practice of Dahnjon-strengthening techniques such as Belly Button Healing will give you the power and security you need to act on your greatest dreams and desires.

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