The Tao principles Ilchi Lee communicates and the practices he developed to live by those principles can be explored through the online courses on the website he founded, ChangeYourEnergy.com. The expert instructors in these courses guide you in Ilchi Lee’s style of yoga, qigong, energy meditation, and brain-wellness exercises.


Try These Courses to Start

Energy Mastery for Beginners  A direct and complete introduction to energy principles and exercises. Learn what ancient Eastern philosophers knew about the energy system in the body and how energy works in the world. Get instruction in highly effective physical exercises that shake out stress, release energy blockages, and tame your tension. With Energy Mastery for Beginners, you can command your own energy to achieve any goal you set your mind to. Click to learn more.


Experience this revolutionary Belly Button Healing Coursehealing method first-hand with the guidance of healing expert, Banya Lim, and the wisdom of the creator of Belly Button Healing, Ilchi Lee. Belly Button Healing is the regular and mindful stimulation of the navel with a tool or your fingers. This self-acupressure technique releases prenatal energy which is considered to have the most powerful healing potential in Eastern Medicine. The navel is also connected to all organs and body parts, so tension in one area of the navel can be attributed to pain or an imbalance in the corresponding part of the body.  In this comprehensive, hands-on and inspiring online course, you’ll learn how to perform simple yet powerful self-massage techniques that will improve your overall health in just 5-minutes a day. Click here to learn more.


Sedona Energy MeditationSedona, Arizona is considered one of the most potent energy centers of the world. Bring the healing and sacred energy of Sedona’s famous vortexes straight to you with this visually stunning video tour and guided meditation course. Sedona Energy Meditation is so much more than a pretty stroll through breathtaking desert scenery. This online course combines the audiovisual wonder of Sedona with the heart and soul of Ilchi Lee’s insights, accumulated over 35 years of meditation. Use it to connect your spirit to the earth’s healing energy for your own healing and inspiration. Click to learn more.


Solar Body Method Speical EditionA Solar Body, defined by Ilchi Lee, is one that shines with natural health in body, mind, and spirit. Turn on your innate healer with the SOLAR BODY Method. Three rhythmic moving meditations and Solar Energy Circuit Meditations warm up your body and get its energy flowing for maximum immunity and mind-body connection. The course includes animated illustrations for effective guided meditation and inspiring talks about Solar Body by Ilchi Lee. Give your body a dose of healthy sunshine without leaving the house. Click to learn more.