Five Elements Nature Meditation: Metal for Strength and Determination

Five Elements Nature Meditation: Metal for Strength and Determination April 14, 2020

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Gaining the ability to mold and manipulate metals was one of humanity’s great leaps forward. It has allowed us to build and make things, like tall buildings and great ships, that have strength and permanence to weather the vicissitudes of nature and time. So much technology that makes our lives comfortable today—cars, trains, computers, and more—depend on it, too.

Also, metal carries energy better than any other element. Electrical wires and circuit boards are evidence of this. Metal is also necessary for life, and our bodies must have metals like zinc, copper, and iron in the right amounts to function properly. Thus, when we connect to the energy of metal, we are connecting to a source of strength and to a means of energy circulation.

Developing a Will of Steel

In our lives, we can take on the characteristics of metal to make ourselves stronger, both mentally and physically. When we exercise in a gym, we can “pump iron” to make our muscles big and strong, and we will become weak and listless if we don’t consume enough metal micronutrients, like iron and copper. But, more importantly, our minds need to take on the traits of metal to develop strength of character and the drive to succeed. Otherwise, we are just like a building built of sticks instead of steel beams, and we will fall over when the first storm comes along.

But how does one develop true metal, a character that maintains drive and tenacity, even when everything seems to be going terribly wrong? This is a very important question since this trait is what allows achievement and separates greatness from mediocrity. Fortunately, this is something you can nurture within yourself; you do not have to be born with a “steely” personality. Focusing on the energetic nature of metal can help you build it within yourself.

Metal Element Meditation

To bring the elemental energy of metal into your daily life, I recommend having some metal objects in your home, such as bronze sculptures, metal picture frames, or brass fixtures. However, you don’t need these things to bring this energy into yourself. The standing meditation below uses very common metal objects—coins or even your favorite jewelry—to connect with metal and to build strength in your physical energy center, the dahnjon. Here’s what you do:

  1. Choose 2–4 coins that you would like to use in this meditation and get some sort of timer, such as what you have on your phone or in your kitchen. Any coin will work well, but you may, if you like, choose ones that have some meaning related to your objectives. For example, you could choose gold or silver coins if you need strength for financial goals, or you might use an athletic or military medal if you need strength for career achievement. You may even use other small metal objects that you can easily clasp in your palm, if they mean something special to you. For example you can use your favorite metal ring, bracelet, or necklace.
  2. Before you begin, do some light stretches to help relax your joints and muscles. You may also want to try patting and sweeping your body with your palms to help release tension. Breathe naturally and deeply into your abdomen.
  3. Holding 1 or 2 coins or other pieces of metal in your clenched fists, stand with your feet pointing forward and shoulder-width apart. Shake out your arms lightly and relax your knees so that they are slightly bent. Relax your shoulders.
  4. Set your timer for 5 minutes. Keeping your knees bent, bring your arms up so they are parallel to the ground. Bend your elbows at a 90 degree angle and then bend your wrists in toward your head. You should now be in a “strong man” pose, flexing your arm muscles slightly. Keep your shoulder muscles relaxed and your chest open.
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  5. Close your eyes and breathe naturally. Hold the pose for a few minutes, feeling warmth growing in your lower abdomen, your dahnjon. As you hold the pose, imagine a strong metal pole connecting the top of your head to your heart center, and your heart center to your dahnjon. You may experience some light shaking as you hold the pose, which indicates that blockages are beginning to open within your body’s energy system.
  6. When you have held the pose for about 5 minutes, slowly bring your arms down to your sides. Shake out your arms and legs. Practice this exercise three or more times a week and slowly increase the length of time you hold the pose, working up to 20 minutes.

The Real Meaning of Strength

While this exercise will indeed strengthen your physical body, it will also strengthen your resolve. At first, it will not be comfortable and you will need to “force” yourself to complete 5 minutes and then to add minutes later on. By adding time little by little, you will teach yourself to accept temporary, minor discomfort for the sake of a goal.

As you practice this, try to also watch yourself and your own character closely as you go about your day. When do you choose comfort in favor of moving forward toward your goals? If you are willing to take yourself out of the “comfort zone” little by little while moving toward your goals and visions, you will also be moving yourself toward the highest version of yourself.

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