Healthy Sexuality and Spirituality: How These Energies Come Together

Healthy Sexuality and Spirituality: How These Energies Come Together October 26, 2021

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Sexuality and spirituality aren’t mutually exclusive. And yet, some people feel bad or guilty about their sexuality or the fact that they enjoy sex.

First off, there is nothing to feel guilty about. Sex is a special, precious, and mysterious thing. It’s the foundation and root of all life. Animal life, plant life, and human life would all cease to be without it. We all began from the act of sex.

When Trouble Begins

For some people, the trouble begins when their self-worth or sense of value stems from sexuality. Realigning how you think of sex and its role in your self-worth is essential to having a healthy relationship with your sexuality.

We always are looking to find some kind of self-worth or value in our lives—it’s what we’ve been trained to do. Our lives are spent being evaluated, judged, and criticized by many people. Our families, friends, society, and even social norms all can contribute to our feelings of being judged or criticized. We feel sad and ashamed when we come up short in other people’s expectations. We feel pleased, confident, and even arrogant when others express their pride or satisfaction in our actions.

These external opinions can spill over into our sexuality as well. They can affect our desire for sex, which partners we choose, and they hold the power to make us feel bad about our choices. The shame or guilt about sex comes from the kind of culture you’ve been taught or the education you received about it.

So the question becomes: How can you become free from these worldly judgments and evaluations that might make you feel guilty about your sexuality, the path you’re on, and your life as a whole? To avoid these feelings, you must become a spiritual being.

The Benefits of Becoming a Spiritual Being

A spiritual being is someone who looks for their self-worth internally—not externally. When you have an inner sense of self-worth, that is a good gauge your spiritual self is in good shape. All is well with your soul.

When you develop spirituality, you develop the power to choose things on your own. You won’t let your decisions be influenced by anyone else. You learn to communicate with yourself and make autonomous decisions.

Your sexuality will be improved when you’ve developed your spirituality. Sex is simply the communication between two energies. To experience sex in its fullest, you have to feel, experience, and be in tune with everything around you.

When the spirit awakens inside of us, our ability to communicate completely changes, which leads to positive changes in our sexuality. We realize that health, happiness, and peace exist within sex.

We start to see that sex is an art. Rather than thinking about conventional sex, we learn we can have sex just by looking at someone. Just by touching, we can communicate a similar energy. Since sex is communication, you can engage in it by dancing as well. Touching, connecting, dancing, feeling—all these things are more important than the act of sex itself.

As your spirituality develops and you become a spiritual being, you can learn to see and find the health, happiness, peace, and enlightenment in sex. That can help open your chakra system.

But for that to happen, you must realize the sacred side of sex. If you’re just having sex to have sex with anyone, it becomes animalistic. It doesn’t have any spirit behind it.

To fully unlock the beauty and power of sexuality and spirituality, two people must communicate and spend time together before. That leads to a perfect exchange of energy that opens all your chakras completely.

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