Two or three things on Liturgical Music

Two or three things on Liturgical Music July 8, 2016
organo5_06To ensure that liturgical music will return to its role and its dignity would not take much; it would suffice that bishop simply apply the existing documents regarding the hermeneutic of continuity outlined by Pope Benedict XVI. It’s really interesting to think about how everything would change if only the bishops would do their duty instead of chasing false illusions, being them indoctrinated by the myths of progress. They think they serve the Church by bringing to the front door all the contemporary trends that actually arose in opposition to the Church and that are carried out without the necessary purification process, as it has always been in a historical perspective. If you abandon the models, such as Gregorian chant, the result is this perversion of the function of music in the liturgy we see today.
Liturgical music is not used to please us but to raise us. If it is only used to keep young people in the Church, it is not performing its true role and, given the results, it is not being very succesful either. We have to keep young people in the Church and show the true face of the liturgy and its music, the beauty that never sets, not fake things designed by the ideologues of ecclesiastical Politically Correct.
May God enlighten the consciences of the bishops. Only He can do it.

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