When the music change (really) life

When the music change (really) life July 7, 2016
ANIMI met this morning with Dr. Ahmad Sarmast, founder of the first music school in Afghanistan. Music is not among the main interests of the Taliban, indeed they really despise it. But Dr. Sarmast has the idea that music can change the life of these boys and girls and with courage (and it takes courage …) he continued this project. Certainly he has to pay a very high price for his challenge to the Taliban: that of being a target. He has already suffered a terrorist attack and he is under constant surveillance.
I felt useful this morning, I realized even more that music can really change lives, can give hope to those who are victims of wars, tragedies and persecutions. Music can open the doors of the soul and make you fly over the miseries of this life. Music gives you new eyes to see the gray world with so many new colors. There is a price to pay, but much better to pay for travel in first class than travel as a clandestine, hiding and always anxious for what will come next.

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