Hello, and welcome!

Inebriate Me is the blog where I write about all things Catholic, preferably updated daily.

Spiritually, I am an orthodox, cradle Catholic. I have an interest in Ignatian spirituality. I enjoy theology in the broad sense, i.e. the life of faith.

Professionally, I am a writer and entrepreneur. I’ve written in many places including The Atlantic, First Things, Commentary, The Week, Quartz and many other places. I founded a market research firm called Noosphere (bonus points if you know what the name refers to).

I have a beloved wife and a daughter.

I am writing about a half-baked theory of Catholic economics called New Distributism. If that sounds like something you might be interested in, check it out.

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Comments Policy: Because thus far this blog’s comments have been surprisingly good, I don’t have one. But behave! For that may change.