If Catholics Want To Play Politics, They Should Learn The Chicago Way

[youtube xOvH-7lcjb0 nolink]Austin Ruse has a piece lambasting those Catholics who would see Catholics disassociate themselves from the Republican Party over the use of torture. He goes over the history of those Catholics who supported and played a role in the Bush Administration and paints a positive picture of those years.As a supporter of the Republican Party, I share a number of his impulses. I agree that it's ridiculous to think we should weigh abortion and, say, the minimum wage in … [Read more...]

The Real Problem In Apologetics


Forget about history, philosophy and theology for a moment.Think instead about people's basic, social, everyday commonsense experience.I step outside my front door, and I see cars. I see tall buildings. I see concrete. I have been on planes. I have been in hospitals, waiting in anxiety on a medical doctor's judgement. I have seen loved ones receive routine treatments for ailments that would have killed them a hundred years ago. My home has heating, running water, electricity, the i … [Read more...]

What’s Right About Rights

A fascinating thing is to watch the culture percolated through the mind of a child who has started to give in to school, and therefore increasingly brings home bits and drabs of the noosphere that haven't been communicated through her parents. Now, when my daughter wants candy, she doesn't ask "Can I have candy?" (or, on good days, "May I please have candy, Papa?") she asks "Do I have a right to candy?"So it is with great sympathy that I look upon the increasingly frequent Christian cri … [Read more...]

Fides Quaerens Intellectum

Today is the Feast Day of Thomas Aquinas, and by extension of all theologians. Since I already wrote about what Aquinas was up to, as a very amateur theologian, I thought I'd write a bit--very roughly--about how I see theology and the role of theology.A great start might be the phrase "Fides Quaerens Intellectum", faith seeking understanding, Anselm's motto, which was quickly expanded to all of Scholasticism. I heard on an Eastern Orthodox podcast that this represented a fundamentally new at … [Read more...]

Be The [Liturgical] Change

Do you ever notice how at a talk when there's a Q&A, there will always be this big, long, awkward silence before anybody stands up to ask the first question? Then the questions go fine. It's not that people didn't have questions. It's that nobody wants to be the first to stand up.Have you ever been in that situation where you're with a group, out in the street, and one of you has wandered away, and you call him to get to that other place? But it's awkward to be loud. So people go, almost … [Read more...]