From The Getting-Our-Asses-Kicked Department

The startup Minerva Project to me embodies everything that is wrong about the way the Church sees and does education. This is the kind of stuff we should be doing, not Silicon Valley startups. Catholic education is hopelessly wedded to conventional thinking--exactly the opposite of what we need, exactly the opposite of what the Gospel demands.I strongly recommend that you read this story on Minerva by the excellent writer Graeme Wood.I would highlight two points, resonant with themes w … [Read more...]

N.T. Wright On The New Testament On Women In Ministry


As frequent readers will know I have a great admiration for the Biblical scholar N.T. Wright. Wright, who is an Anglican, supports women's ordination to the priesthood. I, as a Catholic, accept the Church's infallible pronouncement that it has no authority to confer priestly ordination on women, and also agree with Pope Francis that the Church needs a better theological think-through on women.The highly helpful N.T. Wright Page has an excellent speech where Wright exegetes the well-known New … [Read more...]

“And Also You, My Friend Of The Last Minute…”

Given recent events, this seemed as appropriate as anything.I was away for a couple weeks, and during that time I visited the Cistercians of the stunningly beautiful Abbey of Aiguebelle. Aiguebelle is an elder sister of Tibhirine, and there is a deeply moving memorial to the martyrs of Tibhirine, and their leader, Fr Christian de Chergé, OCSO.One thing I learned there is that Christian first went to Algeria as a young officer in the French military. While there, a Muslim aide died to sav … [Read more...]

Beethoven > Mozart

We need more theologians who love Beethoven. (We need more theologians who love Led Zeppelin!)I love Mozart. Truly. He had access to the Forms. However...We have many theologians who love Mozart. Balthasar and Barth connected (in part) on their shared love of Mozart as the greatest composer in history. Ratzinger, as is well known, is a devotee of Mozart. All good.But, but, but.No, Mozart is not the greatest. Mozart is not the greatest, because for all his attempts to move beyond, … [Read more...]

Stray Thoughts About Fundamental Option Theory

Fundamental Option Theory is the idea that people take a fundamental option for or against God, and that this, not any particular act, determines salvation. Catholic Answers actually has a good writeup.As the writeup recognizes, and as the Pope did when he condemned this theory, there is something to the circular: in a sense, of course, some sinful actions do not separate us from God if we have a "fundamental option" towards Him--these are known as venial sins. But some do, and they are kn … [Read more...]