Calvinism 101

Calvinism is one of my frequent internet punching bags, and usually the retort from my Calvinist brethren (whom I love!) is that I mischaracterize Calvinism. And I always give them the benefit of the doubt because, well, they would know better than me, wouldn't they. And caricaturing opponents' positions is one of the most annoying features of debate, and (honestly, guys) I try to avoid it, even though none of us are immune.One of my Twitter interlocutors, the very gracious Derek Rishmawy … [Read more...]

Five Theses On Predestination

A few points, some of them which will be necessarily polemical, en vrac:1. We'll never understand predestination (or lack thereof). If one subject begs for a healthy humility with regard to the divine mysteries, this is the one. Men are totally embedded within time, and only experience it as a forward arrow. God transcends time. It is simply impossible for us to understand what is going on. This, not laziness, is why this post is so brief.2. If men are not ontologically free to choose or … [Read more...]

“Scripture” In Scripture

Perhaps instead of writing a full "Summa Contra Sola Scriptura" (the first draft of which has already swelled to 17000 words and shows no sign of completion) I should write a series of vignettes.In that spirit, here's a stray thought on a key Sola Scriptura proof-text, 2 Tim 3:16-17: All scripture is inspired by God and profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, and for training in righteousness, that the man of God may be complete, equipped for every good work. The t … [Read more...]

Should Churches Try To Target Men More?


The Jesuit Post's Jeff Sullivan, SJ has written a nice post on the changing cultural understanding of manhood in post-Sexual Revolution America.In doing so, he connects this with the noted fact of higher attendance of women at church and higher general religiosity, and cites authors as saying that there is a "problem": "American churches have adopted primarily feminine language and ways of interacting and exploring spirituality." This is a theme that we sometimes hear from Traditionalists: t … [Read more...]

Kiss Corpses


I had a discussion on Twitter about Christian burials. Expecting the resurrection of the dead, I don't much care what happens to my body after I fall asleep--yes, I expect a bodily resurrection, but those saints whose bodies were eaten by wild beasts will also get glorious bodies.You can say it's gnosticism to not have a fetish of the burial, and I'm sure the neo-gnosticism which is so much in vogue these days accounts for a large part of the new popularity of cremation. But if you can say th … [Read more...]