Is Science In Mortal Danger?


So, here's a contention: the endeavor of the scientist presupposes intelligibility, that is to say, some sort of possible conformity between our minds and reality; but intelligibility is impossible if reality is not itself the product of a mind; therefore, science can only ultimately flourish within a theist (perhaps even only Christian) culture, where science is understood as a legitimate way of understanding the mind of God and approaching God (or even, in a Christian worldview, responding to … [Read more...]

Book Review: C.S. Lewis’ Space Trilogy


Google "Jesus in space." Go ahead, I dare you. (No copyright because this is one of those eternal internet memes whose author is untraceable.) Some of you who have been following me on Twitter for a while know that I've had misgivings about C.S. Lewis. The Narnia stories never attracted me and his non-fiction work seemed like middlebrow popularization of basic theology--not that there's anything wrong with that, quite to the contrary (I sometimes think we need that more than we need academic th … [Read more...]

Soft Atheism Wants To Be The New New Atheism But It’s Still Just Boring Atheism


One striking fact about the New Atheism that hasn't gone remarked upon enough is how English it is. Out of the Four Horsemen, after all, two are English, and both Oxford men, two, a fact which is rather notable for a movement mainly driven by U.S. book sales. The best candidate for Fifth Horseman is the British "philosopher" A.C. Grayling (yes, I stand by those quotes), who is also, like Hitchens and Dawkins, an Oxford man.For example, it was Francis Spufford who noted that Dawkins' atheist b … [Read more...]

Housekeeping Note

From now on, no more comments. … [Read more...]

The Sexual Reaction

So, here's a provocative thesis: what we typically call "the Sexual Revolution" isn't a revolution at all, but instead a reaction, in the political sense, meaning an attempt to turn back the clock back to paganism.Christianity effected a revolution in the Ancient world, particularly in the domain of sexuality.I think the best way to get at this is to remember the Catholic Oscar Wilde's quote: "Everything is about sex, except sex. Sex is about power."In the Ancient world, it was … [Read more...]