Quote of the Day

From The Guardian's quite good (!) obituary of Elizabeth Anscombe: She was notorious for a forthright foulmouthedness which was only enhanced by the beauty of her voice. When presenting a paper on pleasure, she distinguished extrinsic pleasures - things we enjoy because of the description they fall under - and intrinsic pleasures - things we enjoy regardless of how they are described; and she cited, as an example of the latter, "shitting", strongly pronouncing the double "t", and with such … [Read more...]

What To Do About Kids And Porn And Smartphones?


Sometimes I feel like a fossil. My wife informs me I'm 28. Let me tell you kids--back in my day, internet porn was different. We didn't have smartphones. We didn't have streaming video. You had to download low-def 30 second clips. Getting around paywalls was work.All of which is to say that I take very seriously the absolutely unprecedented, and frankly terrifying, fact of the ubiquity of hardcore porn on all our devices. There is no doubt that porn is dehumanizing, addicting and damaging to … [Read more...]

On Augustine Day, Buy Sam Rocha’s Album

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Today is the feast of Blessed Augustine, as our Eastern brethren call him. Whatever you know about Augustine's theology (and what most know is that it makes up thousands upon thousands of dense pages), it's impossible not to be inspired by Augustine's life. His long spiritual and moral wandering, his conversion, his life as a great bishop (and, for my part, the sheer quantity of his output as a writer).There's a reason why quotes like "Lord, give me chastity, but not yet" and "Our hearts are … [Read more...]

Modernity As An Overlearning Of Christianity

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Christianity is "a set of contradictions held together by grace." The history of orthodoxy is the history of trying to hold together, and even of sharpening, seemingly contradictory truths of faith; the history of heresy, meanwhile, is the history of trying to resolve those seeming contradictions by overemphasizing one pole at the extent of the other. Thus, the Scriptures describe Jesus as both man and God; heresies have overemphasized one at the expense of the other; orthodoxy proclaims that … [Read more...]

How Partisan Should The Pro-Life Movement Be?


At the tail end of an excellent post explaining why it's perfectly consistent for pro-lifers to say "abortion is murder" and not want to guillotine anyone who procures abortions, my good friend Noah Millman makes the frequently-heard point that the American pro-life movement is corrupted by its coeval relationship with the Republican Party: To me, the story [Noah's post riffs off of] says little about the sincerity of the beliefs of those who oppose abortion. It says a great deal, though, about … [Read more...]