The Importance of Talking To God

The Importance of Talking To God June 22, 2023

A relationship means communication. Same with God.
A relationship means communication. Same with God.

A friend once told me this when I was ranting and asking for advice, “With God, it’s a relationship, not a roadmap.” It stopped me dead in my sentence, wrapping my tongue and softening my worry almost instantly. God didn’t need me to be so concerned about my next step. I need to pray and trust Him, instead of freaking out over every little detail. Our relationship with God should take center stage in our lives and be a constant thought.

In a relationship of any kind, communication is so so important and that’s why praying to God and pursing Him is one of the most important thins for a Christian in their day to day. But it seems, we overlook this area or we mumble words, half asleep, before going to bed. Or, we utter one of two words before a meal. Praying is so vital, yet it is so overlooked and nearly laughed at by many.

Yet, if this is a relationship, THE relationship with our Creator, we ought to press in so deep communicating with Him and listening.

Re-examining Prayer

Prayer to many is dreaded. I said it. It’s been drilled into us from society that unless you are eloquent, use huge words that baffle, or are holy and perfect, you have no right to open your lips and pray. We clam over in a classroom when called on to close in prayer, sweat beads on us when we do it at dinner sometimes, too.

Not only has society taken away the openness, but people fear they shall say the wrong thing. We fear that someone will judge us and say we are a certain way because of our words. Our boldness, or quiet, demeanor when praying. And lastly, the private communion with God has been forgotten to be taught by so many.

Thinking back to what my friend said, we need to shake those fears and lies about prayer. It is a relationship, simple communication. The veil tore and we are able to approach as ourselves. Try this: think of prayer in this new way, I get to talk to God, my God. 

Simply substituting that phrase makes it so personal. Prayer is just that. It’s talking to a Friend, Father and King.

Here is a quote that truly helped ingrain it for me; The sweetest time of the day is when you pray. Because you are talking to the One who loves you the most. (Beautiful image with this quote here.) Talk to Him with honor and love. But talk. Open your mouth and let your relationship grow.

Fear Saying the Wrong Thing?

God wants the real us. When we talk to Him, He wants to hear everything that’s on our hearts. Every trouble, fear, joy, worry and anything else. One of the lies we mentioned, was that we fear judgement from people or fear saying the wrong thing in a prayer. But just as in a friendship or to a dad, we say things to seek help, support, comfort and more. Normally, without hesitation. As we now view prayer as talking to the Lord, we need to throw this fear away.

Only the devil wishes us to be so wrapped in fear of our words that we don’t pray. Ephesians tells us to pray in the Spirit on all occasions and all things. (Ephesians 6:18) Then, James encourages us to speak and pray in all sorts of life circumstances. Trouble? Talk to Him. Joy? Tell Him and thank Him. Think of Hannah, Job and so many others that always poured themselves out. God doesn’t want us to fear messing up our words.

Prayer Starts Here…Alone

No relationship can get very far without one -on- one time. It will soon dry up and appear fake in everyone’s eyes. That is exactly what happens when we don’t prioritize moments with God by ourselves. It eliminates distractions, helps focus, pulls us to Him, honors Him and makes us realize how small and needy we are.

Matthew 6:5-8 says this, “…but when you pray, go into your room, close the door and pray to your Father who is unseen.” 

Luke 5:15 is an illustration of how Jesus many times slipped away in private to pray. “But Jesus Himself would often slip away to the wilderness and pray.”

And we can even think of Daniel, how he went to his room and prayed in private so much to the Lord. Having time with God and approaching Him in private removes any pride, any judgement and any other fears we have because it is simply us and Him. We must pursue Him on our own, otherwise it is a show.

Without talking to God in private and seeking Him, we live a lie. For in not pursing Him, we are not in a relationship. It starts with us and Him.

The Other Side of Prayer

Talking to God is so vital and important. Relationship not a roadmap. Relationship. We pour out and pursue Him in praise and pleadings of intercession. Relationship. Talking. Vital. Anything else when praying?

Hm, let’s say you go to lunch with your mom. You pick a corner booth that you sink into; the view outside the paned windows arresting. Just like the smells wafting from a waiter as he passes with fresh pizza. Your mother’s curled hair bounces as she nods at your remarks. You order and keep talking, telling about work and your new project. You begin talking about your scheduled and booked vacation as you finish your first slice, but soon you feel rude.

She has been as quiet as the old man at the cashier stand. No words. There, but not a chance to speak. Unease pricks you before you go silent. Then, pushing hair from your face, you ask a question. Your mother’s red stained lip’s part in a smile as she now gets to speak. Commenting on what you said, offering hope, maybe advice.

You leave the pizzeria joyful and relaxed in about twenty minutes, looped arm and arm coming out stronger. Close.

Now, that was a detailed long story, but…it mirrors prayer. The other side of it.

We have to sometimes sit in His presence and be silent. He speaks to us through His word and the Spirit inside us. If all we ever did was talk and pray, talk and pray, without ever being still and listening, in awe or expectation, our relationship would suffer.

It wouldn’t be as strong as it could be. Communication and talking is always between two people. Not just one. Psalm 37:7 says this, “Be still before the Lord and wait patiently for Him…” Then, Zephaniah 3:17 speaks on how when we wait, the Lord is there.

It’s a relationship; it’s talking to our Savior.

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A friend once told me this when I was ranting and asking for advice, "With God, it's a relationship, not a roadmap." It stopped me dead in my sentence, wrapping my tongue and softening my worry almost instantly. God didn't need You can read more about the author here.

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