Verses to Cling to This Father’s Day Weekend

Verses to Cling to This Father’s Day Weekend June 17, 2023

Throughout scripture, we are reminded of father's importance and offerings.


Father’s Day is around the corner, the day we celebrate dad’s and people who have represented father figure’s in our lives. Father’s are protective, gentle, leading, strong and so much more. Even in nature, we see the value and care God had in creating men and molding them into father’s. The value and importance of father’s is stated over and over in the Bible. Throughout scripture, we are reminded of the father’s importance and offerings.

Father’s Are Defenders, Protectors and Guards

Deuteronomy 1:31 speaks of how just as a father, God lifts us and carries us to a safe place, or our destination. Father’s lift us up in our weakness and hold us, guarding and aiding as we reach to the the next thing. Psalm 32:7-8 tells us how God protects us and delivers His children, and men of God are much the same for their own children . They are to be a place of love and shelter for the family. Thank you, father’s.

Father’s Are Spiritual Leaders

We all know the value and role God placed on father’s to be the leader of the spiritual health in the home. And whether you have children or not, men carry a responsibility to teach and lead by example. (Women also have roles if not a mother) I think it’s important to remember these verses…

Proverbs 1:8 speaks on the value of a father’s instruction and how it teaches children to live. This verse is actually a command to children to not forsake your parents teach you of the Lord. 2 Samuel 7:14-15 highlights the disciplinary side of a father. It reminds us of how God corrects us in love and aids us over obstacles, like a father. God is the best Father because He fulfills it, and if you are a father, remember that.

Father’s offer us so much. They guide us and NEED to be someone we can run to with questions on God. They MUST pursue God hard and lead their family in every step. Father’s are the glue that hold the family together before God.

Father’s Love Their Family

In church, we hear a lot about “The Father’s love” when someone speaks of God. This is because once more, God is our example on a good father and the model for how he designed them to operate in the family unite. As a father, we thank you for the love you are supposed to radiate in the home, at work and everywhere you go before people. Love is oftentimes looked at in this mushy unicorn feeling that is too weak for men to exhibit, but God says, no. Love is strong and a rock. True love is protection and where power lies.

Real love of sacrifice and life.

Luke 15:20 illustrates the moment the prodigal returns home and the father runs and greets him with love and compassion. This is a reminder that our earthly father’s are to also run at us with love and joy. Ephesians 5:28-29 reminds husband’s and father’s to love as Christ loved the church. And the last verse I want to remind father’s, all of us of, is John 3:16. We know what it reads; For God so loved the world, that He gave His one and only Son, that whoever believes in Him may have eternal life. 

God is our mirror for the ultimate dad.

Father’s Have Such Importance

The world would fall apart without so many things, but I believe a collapse would come if father’s were no more. The true kind of man that leads his home, loves richly and lives for the Lord. Society would have us think, maybe you think, that men are not important. That you are not important as a father.

How wrong could that be?


Father’s are so important and must lead and love. By pursuing God hard and living as the Bible instructs men to, we gain a stronger world, safer environment, happier life and so many other things. Men are so important. Godly men are needed. And Godly father’s are a must in our world. So, to anyone out there who is a father…thank you.



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