Reason to persist

Reason to persist January 31, 2015

Why would you want to persist at anything? That’s a very good question. Indeed, why WOULD you want to persist? Answer that question in a way that is personally meaningful to you, and you significantly empower your persistence.

Persistence demands effort and sacrifice, and in order to pay the price you must have a compelling reason. No one can persist for very long in the pursuit of something they do not truly desire. In such a scenario, attempts at persistence only lead to frustration and disillusionment.

It is critical to make a distinction between the object of your persistence and the challenges imposed by that persistence. For example, you may be able to persist indefinitely and even prosper in a job you dislike because it is the only way for you to make the money necessary to provide your children with a quality education. In this case, the object of your persistence is not your job. It is your children’s education. The job is what you persist through, not what you persist for.

Whatever you persist for must be meaningful enough and desirable enough to supply the energy for your persistence. Make sure you know what it is, clearly and specifically. Make sure it is something that is personally meaningful and compelling for you.

The power of setting and following clear goals has been proven over and over again. Much of that power comes from the effect of your goals upon your level of persistence. Anyone can endure almost anything if the reason is meaningful enough. Find a good reason to persist, and you will.

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