Choose happiness

If you’re getting ready to be happy, you won’t be. If you’re preparing to be happy, you won’t be. Happiness is not something you schedule. Happiness is yours when you simply allow it to be.

Yes, you can work to create desirable conditions in your life. Yes, you can work to reach certain specific achievements or to own a well-defined list of possessions. None of those things will make you happy, however. In fact, nothing will make you happy. No object or circumstance will cause you to be happy, because the cause of your happiness is you. The person who decides whether or not you are happy, is you.

The good things in life do not cause happiness. They result from happiness. If you wish to be happy, then be happy. It really is as simple as that. There’s no need to wait until you acquire this or achieve that. If you constantly place conditions on happiness, you’ll prevent yourself from experiencing it. Go ahead and be happy now, today, this very moment. Be happy for no reason at all, and you’ll find that you’re more effective, more productive, more creative and more fulfilled.