The one and only you

The most effective way to compete is to ignore the competition. The greatest advantage comes to those who do not seek advantage. When you’re always focused on what the other guy is doing, it takes you away from the best of what you can be doing. When you’re fighting to gain an advantage, you’re ignoring the ultimate advantage that you already possess, which is your own unique perspective.Do you realize how very much you are worth? You have thoughts, ideas, perceptions, skills, interests, rela … [Read More...]

Feel like quitting

If you feel like quitting, that’s great. It means you’re intensely involved. Go ahead and feel like quitting. Just don’t actually do it. Instead, experience the power in that feeling. That’s your power. With it you can do amazing things. What a waste it would be to walk away from it.Imagine feeling like quitting, and then not quitting. That’s what success feels like. You know that because you’ve done it before. You’ve felt it before. When you feel like quitting, and then you don’t, and then y … [Read More...]

Rise above the anger

Did someone say something that sort of offends you? So what? That’s their problem. Did someone look at you the wrong way? Who cares? Replace the petty thoughts of anger, jealousy and spite with thoughts of strength.Maybe you didn’t get some kind of recognition you thought you deserved. That could very well be true, but will your resentment, cynicism and desire for revenge be of any positive value to you? No matter what malicious intentions others may have, you can decide whether or not to let … [Read More...]

Moving through it

Stick your hand out the car window when you’re parked, and you’ll hardly even notice the difference between the inside and the outside of the vehicle. Stick your hand out the window when the car is doing 75 miles an hour on the interstate, and you won’t be able to get it out very far, or keep it out for very long.What’s the difference? When you’re moving fast, the resistance is much, much greater.Are your efforts meeting with resistance? That’s absolutely great, because it means you’re ma … [Read More...]

A starting point

No matter where you desire to go in life, you must have a starting point from which you can proceed. On any given day, everyone has a starting point. Yet too often you may not be willing to see or acknowledge your own starting point, and consequently you’ll have trouble making progress toward your goals. It is a sad irony that your very unwillingness to acknowledge unpleasant circumstances can help to keep you stuck in those circumstances.Acceptance will enable you to establish a starting p … [Read More...]

Five reasons why you can achieve what you choose to achieve

1. You’re in controlYou are in control of your thoughts and your actions. That makes you effective in whatever you set out to achieve. Every thought is a result of a choice you have made. Every action you take is under your control. You are in command of a creative, productive and effective masterpiece of engineering - YOU.What if there was someone, sincerely acting in your best interest, who had a remote control device that guided all your actions? Similar to the remote control for a t … [Read More...]

The value of challenge

Have you ever noticed that life is best at those times when it is the most challenging. A quick look back will confirm that the most fondly remembered and valuable experiences also had some kind of significant challenges associated with them.Why is that? Because it is your very nature to overcome challenges. You are exquisitely equipped to thrive on the challenges. In fact, ever since the moment you were born you have been successfully dealing with challenges ranging from staying alive to … [Read More...]

Five ways to rejuvenate your enthusiasm

Are you feeling burned out? You won't get much done in that state. Consider one or more of these techniques to go from being burned out to being passionate and enthusiastic.1. Re-connect with your natural enthusiasm. Ask yourself what you would do if you could do absolutely anything you wanted. Answer honestly, and you'll remind yourself of things you're naturally enthusiastic about. Just thinking about those things will raise your level of enthusiasm a little bit. You can take it a couple … [Read More...]

Live with persistence

Live with persistence. The great experience of today will be yours when you stick around long enough to find it. Success and fulfillment are to be found just on the other side of discouragement. During the course of this day, you’ll no doubt encounter numerous reasons to just give up and hope for a better day tomorrow. Yet when you give up or give in, it moves you backwards, not forward, and you actually set yourself up for more disappointment as time goes on.Persist now while you can. Today … [Read More...]

Feel your purpose

Feel your purpose. Go within yourself and feel the essence of what you really want to accomplish in the moment. Instead of judging whether or not you’re doing it right, just feel it and feel it flowing out from you. Avoid trying to figure out or analyze what you want to do. Just let it come. Don’t put limits on yourself. Feel that purpose and know that, whatever your actions are, if you are truly and intensely feeling the passion of that purpose, your actions will resonate with that purpose. It m … [Read More...]