Hey, that’s Intentional Disciples, being talked about!

Hey, that’s Intentional Disciples, being talked about! June 4, 2015

Forming Intentional DisciplesPlaying our song, talking ’bout us!

” . . .how do we make the Church thrive again?

For my part, I think the best answers to these questions are presented by those who participate in the Forming Intentional Disciples movement. I call it a movement, because I believe it to be a holy work of the Spirit and not just a book or a program. Having worked in various levels of ministry, it is my absolute belief that the corporatization of the Church is leading to its demise. Sherry Weddell from the Catherine of Siena Institute has been working with others around the world to breathe the life of the Holy Spirit back into the Church. Their basic premise? Create disciples of Jesus and we don’t need to worry about the perfect marketing campaign or program. I absolutely agree.”

Emphasis mine. By Jove, I think he’s got it!

Check it out!

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