Thought-Provoking Interview with Austin Ivereigh

Interesting. … [Read more...]

Popčak on Douthat and Martin, Discipline & Doctrine

Dr. Greg Popčak has a must-read analysis of a discusson between the NYTimes' Ross Douthat, and Father James Martin.Returning to Fr. Martin’s analogy, Kasper’s idea is the equivalent of saying, “It will always be against the law to exceed the speed limit, but from now on, anyone who drag races on this strip of road will simply have to say, ‘I’m sorry’ to the police officer when stopped and then be allowed to continue on their way.”This is an example of a “pastoral practice” that undermines … [Read more...]

A House for a Cup of Water: Mother Cabrini in Seattle

On this feast of St. Frances Cabrini, I thought I'd tell this story:I had a kind of private shrine to St. Frances near where I lived in Seattle in my early days as a Catholic.My basement apartment was on the edge of a large park on Lake Washington with spectacular views of Mount Rainier. I used to rise early and walk the park at dawn and pray and there -- on a hill above me -- you could see what looked like a little castle but was, in fact, an old home that Mother Cabrini had purchased … [Read more...]

Burke’s Departure: Not Nefarious but Just…Normal?

Whatever you do, if you love conspiracies, DON'T READ THIS!What is interesting is the case of Cardinal George Pell -- who was also one of the authors of the pre-Synod book on marriage along with Cardinal Raymond Burke and is no one's idea of a liberal or even a moderate, and made his feelings known loudly and clearly at the Synod and was moved from Sydney by Pope Francis -- to serve as one of his closest collaborators, heading up the new Vatican Secretary of the Economy.But nobody is … [Read more...]

Food For Thought

An old Polish proverb that I'm adopting as my new mantra . . . … [Read more...]

Intentional Discipleship: Our Fundamental Catholic Identity

The Archdiocese of Milwaukee held its long awaited Synod last weekend. One of the preparatory videos they created to get people thinking was this: … [Read more...]

Hello World

I'm writing from Mark Shea's living room where he has stooped down like Prometheus to bestow upon me the "god-like" knowledge of  Word Press  . . .  or so he says.But enough of Mark.  This is my very first post.  Let's just plunge in.Are you familiar with the idea of a "life verse"? That is, a particular passage of Scripture that seems to sum up God's call or purpose or promise in your life or has spoken deeply to you for years.My life verse is Isaiah 58:10 - 12: "If you will give you … [Read more...]