3 Reasons Why Motherhood Is A Spiritual Journey

3 Reasons Why Motherhood Is A Spiritual Journey May 13, 2023


An image of a mother holding her baby thatrepresents motherhood.
Obed Esquivel/Unsplash 3 Reasons Why Motherhood Is A Spiritual Journey

Mother’s Day is almost here, which means you are probably thinking about everything your mother has done for you. I am all for loving and appreciating your mother, but I wanted to pull back the veil and examine 3 reasons why motherhood is a spiritual journey. 

Is Motherhood A Spiritual Journey

Most people do not consider motherhood to be a spiritual journey. This may be due to physical changes the body goes through, such as weight gain or morning sickness. However, a spiritual journey is defined as the process of pushing past the boundaries that make you comfortable and moving toward growth. That sounds a lot like motherhood to me. Children are naturally curious, so they cannot help but push their mother’s boundaries. They push that pushes you toward growth in every area of your life, including your growth as a spiritual mother. 

3 Reasons Why Motherhood Is A Spiritual Journey 

Almost everything has a spiritual aspect, including motherhood. Spirituality is how an individual sees themselves, others, and the world around them. As Christians, our spirituality deals with our relationship with Jesus Christ. It provides the road map that fosters a relationship with God and maintains devotional traditions that help us sustain our faith. This is why motherhood is not just physical but spiritual. Our spirituality helps women navigate the tough waters of motherhood. 

Motherhood Is A Gift

Motherhood is one of God’s many gifts. It is an honorable calling and blessing ordained by God that brings hope and joy. 

God gives us priceless spiritual gifts that cannot be earned. There are 12 spiritual gifts, such as words of wisdom and knowledge, healing, faith, and miracles. 

Motherhood, more specifically childbirth, is a miracle. Many people do not see childbirth as a miracle because women have given birth to children for millions of years. However, not every woman can give birth to a child. Some women deal with infertility issues caused by a lack of ovulation, conditions like endometriosis, or menstrual or reproductive system problems. 

Furthermore, so many things can go wrong from pregnancy to birth and even after birth. The woman may suffer a miscarriage, have a stillbirth, or the baby could be born prematurely or may only live a few days. Additionally, the mothers can also die from childbirth. Christian mothers require a lot of faith, which is required for a miracle to take place to navigate the hardships of bringing a baby into this world and navigating motherhood.   

Ultimately, giving birth is a sign that new life enters the world. The child taking its first breath signifies that life continues. The fact that both mom and baby are alive and well, when so many things could have gone wrong is a miracle. 

Children Are A Blessing

Children are a reward from God. Specifically, Psalm 127: 3 says that children are gifts of heritage from God. Yes, mothers have several responsibilities, including loving their children and teaching them right from wrong. However, they also have a spiritual responsibility to teach them the path to eternal life. 

Mothers pass on their Christian heritage to their children, who will pass it on to their children and their children’s offspring. As Proverbs 22: 6 instructs us, we should raise children using the word of God so that when they are adults, they will use the word to guide them through this world. Ultimately motherhood is just one of the many ways we serve and glorify God.

God Ordains Motherhood 

Psalms 139:13 states that we were woven together in our mother’s womb by God. Although it may seem that pregnancy happened by chance to us, it was ordained by God. He crafted us in our mother’s womb to be unique individuals, showing the value of life pre and post-birth. We exist because of God. 

Furthermore, motherhood is a calling. Christian mothers are called to stand out, not in. Christian mothers raise their children in the way of the word, not the ways of the world. It takes incredible strength, wisdom, understanding, and devotion to leading a life pleasing to God to raise children in an environment where worldly views often conflict with Christian values. 

In Genesis 3: 20, Adam named his wife Eve, the mother of all the living. He called women to give birth. God’s plan does not end with us. The plan starts with us and continues with each child born and raised in the Christian faith. 

Motherhood is a sacred journey. It is a spiritual journey filled with so many highs and lows. It is a gift ordained by God. 

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