The Important Role Father’s Play In Nurturing Children’s Faith

The Important Role Father’s Play In Nurturing Children’s Faith June 18, 2023

A father holding his son.
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Most people overlook the role fathers play in their children’s lives, but it is so important. 

In honor of Father’s Day, we are discussing the important role that Fathers play in shaping children’s faith. 

How Important Is A Father’s Role In A Child’s Life

A father’s role is so important that if the father is absent from the child’s life, it could negatively affect the child. For example, the child may start to act out or perform poorly in school. 

Fathers play a significant part in how the child develops. Fathers can impact how the child interacts with others, regulates their emotions, and conducts themselves in school.  

Fathers teach and show their children love, boost confidence and encourage education. They also show their children a different way of thinking and are one of the first role models their children look up to.  


There is something special about the love of a father. A father’s love can encourage you, boost your self-esteem, and help you become a happy, healthy adult. Furthermore, a loving, healthy relationship with your father will let the child know that they talk to their dad about anything, whether good or bad. 

Boost Intelligence

Playing an active part in your child’s life can increase their intelligence. One study found fathers who played an active role in their child’s life positively impacted cognitive functioning, especially if the father encouraged the child to participate in educational activities. Fathers can influence the child’s ability to learn, think, reason, remember, solve problems, and make decisions.

Role Model 

Being a good father is being someone your child can look up to. Children learn through observation. 

As a role model, your children will learn what behaviors they should model. This, in turn, will reinforce good behavior, decreasing the chances that the child will have behavioral issues.

Increase Confidence

Fathers provide emotional support to their children. For example, fathers show their children that they are valued and loved. This invaluable support builds confidence, creating a happy and confident child. 

This confidence will follow them throughout their life. When the child becomes an adult and starts dating, they may be less likely to accept mistreatment from a partner. 

Additionally, fathers also help build a strong tolerance to deal with stress and frustration. Moreover, children with an active father will be less likely to fold because of peer pressure and take a stand.  

Different Point Of View 

Children are full of curiosity. They ask a lot of questions. Fathers and mothers think differently. 

Their unique insights teach children 2 valuable insights. First, there are different ways of thinking. Second, there are different ways to solve problems. 

Your children will learn that people have different perspectives on different issues. This does not mean one way of thinking is wrong. However, it presents a unique situation to come up with the most effective solution to the problem.

A father eating with his family.
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What Does The Bible Say About Fatherhood 

In short, a father’s job is to lead and protect his family. He is the spiritual leader of the home who guides his family and lives his life in a Godly way. His job is also to demonstrate the love Christ has for us through his relationship with the child’s mother. 

Provide Guidance

Fathers are a source of spiritual guidance. Genesis 18:19 says God chose him so he may lead his household and model it after his own behavior. 

God instructs you on how to live. As a father, you should follow these guidelines so your family can model the same behaviors and lead a just and righteous life. 

Fathers must have a strong foundation in the Word to teach their children right from wrong. Ephesians 6:4 instructs fathers not to provoke their children to anger. It tells them to raise them using the discipline and instruction of the Lord. 

This includes teaching your children right from wrong and showing them how to navigate the world as a Christian. It also includes teaching your children valuable morals like honesty, kindness, respect, and integrity. The Bible tells us that the children of the righteous who have integrity will be blessed. 


Discipline is a subject that no one likes to talk about because it makes you a bad parent. I admit that playing the bad parent is no fun. 

But discipline is a part of life. You can’t be the fun parent all the time. Parenting does not work that way. 

Proverbs 22:6 says parents should train a child in the way they should go so they will remember it when they become an adult. 

A part of training a child is discipline. If you discipline them when they are young, they will learn how to discipline as an adult. For example, if you give them consequences when they do wrong, your child will learn that every action has a consequence, which can help with decision-making. It can also teach them to look for solutions when they experience problems instead of being reactive.

Unconditional Love

A father’s love is unconditional. The parable of the prodigal son shows us this. The prodigal son left home with his inheritance. After living irresponsibly and wasting his resources on worldly things, he got a dose of reality. 

He finally returned home, and instead of shunning his son, the father welcomed him back home and had a celebration. This small but mighty story shows us the love God has for us. 

No matter how what we do, he will always accept us and welcome us back into his kingdom with loving arms. This is the same type of unconditional love that fathers show their children.

Love is not a button you turn off and on. Good fathers love and accept their children for who they are, no matter what they do. 

Fatherhood matters. It is an important journey that shapes a child’s faith and morals. As Proverbs 23:24 says, fathers who raise righteous, wise children will be filled with great joy. 

Happy Father’s Day!


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