Will GOP Soften Its Language on LGBT?

Will GOP Soften Its Language on LGBT? July 9, 2016

Predictable but noteworthy item pertaining to the Republican Party platform, which a committee will finalize next week:

Outside Republican groups have been publicly pushing the party to modify its stance on same-sex marriage for over a year, but multiple sources told CBS News that the effort has officially taken hold among a group of platform committee members who are furiously polishing their amendment ahead of the party gathering in Cleveland.

It’s unclear if Donald Trump, the party’s likely nominee, supports the changes or is actively involved in shaping the platform.


The party’s platform, as adopted in 2012, calls the redefinition of marriage by state courts “an assault on the foundations of society.” Some delegates are saying that we will see language that emphasizes fairness and equality for all Americans.

How media, public institutions, and their own churches talk about LGBT issues is a matter of great concern to social conservatives.


Said one delegate: “The compromises are going to end up in the same place where it’s pretty much been, just to keep the fighting at a minimum. But there are ways to say things that show we are a party that believes in fairness for all Americans.”

There is some debate about whether the entire frame is different now that same-sex unions can be recognized as marriages in all 50 states.

But as GOP insiders jockey for power within the party and social conservatives discern where they fit into Donald Trump’s Republican Party, this will be a debate to watch closely.

Image credit: Pixabay
Image credit: Pixabay


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