My curated list of Advent videos includes sacred choral works like Handel’s Messiah, congregational hymns, and folk music. Read more

I’m a little late to the “This is not normal” genre of alarmist anti-Trump screams into the internet void. Sad! Read more

I thank the president for nominating a serious person — not a given for political appointments, perhaps especially in this administration. Read more

In a huge loss to the faith-and-politics world, Michael Cromartie has died. He was 67. Known and widely admired for his decades of work of improving the integrity of evangelical Protestant political engagement, Cromartie was vice president of the Ethics and Public Policy Center in Washington. Cromartie also greatly improved public dialogue about religion by bringing together religion experts and journalists eager to write about faith with more analytical rigor and insight. I will leave the more personal remembrances to… Read more

Are they driving it? Will they be rolled over by it? Or are they just being taken for a ride? Read more

Ecumenism is a lot easier with people who vote the same you do. Read more

Witnessing the Georgetown Jesuits and the descendants of slaves praying, singing, and breaking bread together seemed like a preview of heaven. It was a visible, tangible reminder that, in spite of its drawbacks, seeing the grand drama of human sin and reconciliation through the lens of Christianity reminds me why faith remains so compelling. Read more

Nothing in the complaint mentions the defendants’ religious beliefs. But I can see this story getting ugly very fast. Read more

Callista Gingrich will almost certainly be the next American ambassador to the Holy See. This has been in the works for a while. Since the election, Mrs. Gingrich’s name is frequently floated and in January, it was confirmed that she is being considered. Plugged-in Vatican journalist Edward Pentin of the National Catholic Register seems to think Gingrich’s appointment is all but a done deal. He reported yesterday: One informed source told the Register they would be “very surprised” if Mrs…. Read more

Gorsuch may represent a new mold of legal conservative who understands that the marriage fight is over, while retaining conservative views on other life/sex issues. Read more

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