Georgetown University reckons with its slaveholding past

Witnessing the Georgetown Jesuits and the descendants of slaves praying, singing, and breaking bread together seemed like a preview of heaven. It was a visible, tangible reminder that, in spite of its drawbacks, seeing the grand drama of human sin and reconciliation through the lens of Christianity reminds me why faith remains so compelling. [Read more…]

Undertaker to bereaved gay man: ‘We don’t deal with your kind’

Nothing in the complaint mentions the defendants’ religious beliefs. But I can see this story getting ugly very fast. [Read more…]

Is Callista Gingrich the next USA ambassador to the Holy See?

Callista Gingrich will almost certainly be the next American ambassador to the Holy See. This has been in the works for a while. Since the election, Mrs. Gingrich’s name is frequently floated and in January, it was confirmed that she is being considered. Plugged-in Vatican journalist Edward Pentin of the National Catholic Register seems to [Read More…]

Episcopal layman Neil Gorsuch

Gorsuch may represent a new mold of legal conservative who understands that the marriage fight is over, while retaining conservative views on other life/sex issues. [Read more…]

Trump’s new low of shamelessness and depravity

I could stomach this if Trump was the least bit contrite. But his brazen defiance makes these words especially hollow and hurtful. [Read more…]

My ‘bad-faith’ ‘review’ of the Benedict option

I appreciate Rod Dreher taking the time to consider and address some “strange mischaracterizations” from a friendly skeptic. [Read more…]

Mainline Protestants: Hidden in plain sight

Before you blame mainline decline on theology or politics, look at demographics. [Read more…]

Why are white conservative Christians so afraid?

I highly encourage people who have studied this question (quantitatively or qualitatively) or others with well-formed opinions to weigh in. [Read more…]

Glitter Ash Wednesday: A (very) modest defense

I want to concede a few points that may have gotten lost in my remonstrance. [Read more…]

Why anti-gay wedding vendors should discriminate more

Paradoxically, the more a wedding vendor discriminates against straight couples, the more we should tolerate his decision to discriminate against same-sex couples. [Read more…]