Mainline Protestants: Hidden in plain sight

Before you blame mainline decline on theology or politics, look at demographics. [Read more…]

Why are white conservative Christians so afraid?

I highly encourage people who have studied this question (quantitatively or qualitatively) or others with well-formed opinions to weigh in. [Read more…]

Glitter Ash Wednesday: A (very) modest defense

I want to concede a few points that may have gotten lost in my remonstrance. [Read more…]

Why anti-gay wedding vendors should discriminate more

Paradoxically, the more a wedding vendor discriminates against straight couples, the more we should tolerate his decision to discriminate against same-sex couples. [Read more…]

Why opposing same sex marriage isn’t like racism

The parallel to Jim Crow is bonkers, as though Pope Francis is no better a man than George Wallace was. Comparing Baronelle Stutzman to a racist is wrong. [Read more…]

Trump’s anti-Semitism comments are too little, too late. Weak!

Trump’s comments paled in comparison to President Bush’s empathetic, bold condemnation of threats and violence against Muslims targeted the week after 9/11. [Read more…]

Don’t financially ruin a Washington florist for being anti-gay

I wouldn’t want the state to harshly fine me if I declined to arrange flowers for the Westboro Baptist Church’s annual banquet. [Read more…]

‘Glitter Ash Wednesday’ is a terrible idea

During the imposition of ashes, we don’t need to fight the church’s greatest conflict. It is a moment of repentance for all Christians, gay and straight. [Read more…]

What’s next for Capitol & Cathedral, Jacob Lupfer’s religion and politics blog

Capitol & Cathedral had focused mostly on religion in the 2016 election. In 2017 I will continue writing about the intersection of faith and public life. [Read more…]

Forsaking whiteness: Is it possible? Would it help?

This is a vital, provocative question. I would be so curious to hear from others. Should we forsake race? What would that look like? Would it help? [Read more…]