Eric Metaxas opens up about his Trump support

Eric Metaxas opens up about his Trump support August 13, 2016

Statue of Bonhoeffer in Westminster Abbey, London
Statue of Dietrich Bonhoeffer in Westminster Abbey, London

A lot of people are saying that author Eric Metaxas’ endorsement of Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump was a powerful signal of approval from a prominent conservative evangelical.

While many respected evangelical leaders abhor Trump’s campaign and cannot bear the thought of voting for him, Metaxas emerged as a major voice willing to vouch for Trump, telling evangelicals, in fact, that they must vote for him.

So it caught my eye when a liberal religion journalist announced that he had interviewed Metaxas.

What would Metaxas say to former New York Times “Beliefs” columnist Mark Oppenheimer?

Well, now we know.

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