This is not normal, Day 310

This is not normal, Day 310 November 26, 2017
The 45th president of the United States

Continued pettiness and disdain toward private citizens:


Not sure what he thinks this has to do with him… Is he claiming credit for on-time arrivals?


Praise for Sean Hannity, one of the most obnoxious hacks to pollute our public discourse over the past 15 years:


Barely veiled racist anger toward (mostly black) men who dare to protest racism:


Tamping down expectations for when someone else is named TIME’s Person of the Year. (Take a look at Adrienne LaFrance’s excellent article at The Atlantic on this particular Trump obsession.)


He clearly has no idea how problematic some financial institutions’ “public service” has been.


Insulting an American news organization whose employees do fine work all around the world:


An unprovoked attack on a Democratic candidate who prosecuted racist killers. Also a note of support for a Republican candidate who was twice removed from office, espouses virulently homophobic views, and only weakly denies accusations that he committed sex crimes against underage teenage girls.


And somehow, there’s still a statement from the president that reveals a sentiment even uglier and more brazen than the ones listed here.

Check out the president’s most obnoxious tweet of the weekend.

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