Prophetic: Let it Happen in His Life

Prophetic: Let it Happen in His Life April 10, 2019

Jared, you just prayed for us.  Everyone reach your hand in this direction right now.  In the name of the Jesus, Lord God; everything he prayed for everyone else, let it happen in his life. – Pastor Chuck Lawrence

I’m going to take a turn and share some prophetic words from Pastor Chuck at Christ Temple Church, and myself.[1]  Anything can be prophetic, even a sermon on Sunday morning if it’s geared for a specific people in a specific time and place.

Let it Happen in His Life

This clip is over twelve minutes, so instead of transcribing everything, it may be best to think of it as a service within a service.  True worship is meant to be experienced in community rather than read about like we read the morning news.  With that in mind, I could have trimmed the clip at various points, but I thought it best to hear it couched within the vibrant worship and prophetic exhortations at Christ Temple Church.

This is a true taste of some moments in a Pentecostal service when the formal order of service is laid aside so that we can all spontaneously follow the Lord’s lead.  In fact, I had no idea I would be called upon to pray.  This is the first of a few instances over time that I spoke to this congregation.  Later, Pastor Chuck Lawrence told me that he had no idea that he would pray the same prayer over me after I prayed.  I believe that as we leave ourselves room to maneuver within a service, with discernment of course, we allow the Gifts of the Spirit to operate in a fuller sense.

This clip is also available in other formats, including podcasts.[2]


[1] as previously published, Pastor Chuck Lawrence and Rev. Jared V. Ingle, Christ Temple Church: Sunday Worship Experience, Huntington, WV.

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