Ephesians 5 | Our Walk in Light

Ephesians 5 | Our Walk in Light September 16, 2019

I’ve been honored to be preaching at a local congregation here this summer.  So I’ve taken the opportunity to walk through the last half of chapter 4 in Ephesians.  I’ve been making the shift over into chapter 5.  I took time last week to share a sermon with you on Ephesians 5.1-8.

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This week, I’m going to work through Ephesians 5.2, 8, 14.

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Our Walk in Light

What I’d like you to do is take a moment to check out the video if you like.  Honestly, the sermon breaks it down very clearly.

Ephesians 5 verses 2 and 8 deal with the idea of walking out our faith in Christ.  It’s a tremendous opportunity to look at what Paul is talking about when he speaks of our conduct, our whole way of life, how we regulate our lives, and our walk before the Lord.

Then in verse 8, he uses the term light.  From verses 8 through 14, he deals with the light of the Gospel shining through us, the light of Christ, and how this light transforms us into something greater than what we could have ever been before.

Bryan Casteel | Sunrise on the Lake – Traverse City, MI | 08.12.11 | Creative Commons

So this is a very transformative passage in a lot of ways if we’re looking for something that will help us change, something real and solid, and something that will give us hope for what we could become in Christ.

I certainly hope you’ll take time to read the sermon notes and listen in.

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Just for fun, I have explained them in depth on a YouTube video, where you can find my thoughts on each, and the Amazon link as well.  To view the video CLICK HERE

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