2 Indications of God’s Work Today

2 Indications of God’s Work Today November 11, 2019

What I’ll be sharing is found in the Bible, Hebrews chapter 4, verses 5-7. I’m going to explore how God is active now, and how God really is at work in our lives at this time. That’s a little difficult for us to grasp sometimes because we all go through seasons of doubt. However, Scripture is clear that God is very much alive, and that He is active in our world today. So there are 2 major indications in these verses of God’s work; 2 ways of showing that God is active today.

2 Indications of
God’s Work Today

And again in this place it says, “They shall not enter my rest.”  Since therefore it remains open for some to enter it, and those who formerly received the good news failed to enter because of disobedience, again he sets a certain day—“today”—saying through David much later, in the words already quoted,

“Today, if you hear his voice,
do not harden your hearts.” – Hebrews 4.5-7, NRSV

1st Indication | “He sets a certain day” | Today

The first indication that God is at work is that, he sets a certain day – “today” (verse 7).  This means that God is currently setting limits.  That limit is not some nebulous day in the future.

That limit is Today.  We are profoundly limited by Today.  Today is our time to engage God, and the time that He engages us.

2nd Indication | How is God saying that His Word is alive Today?

There is a second indication of God’s present work Today in verse 7.  The author of Hebrews quotes David, who refers to the Promised Land.  He writes that God is . . . saying through David much later.  

How is God speaking?  God’s Word is alive Today.  God says some Israelites refused to enter the Promised Land.

400 years later, David says they did not enter God’s Rest.  We’ve already looked at this passage in Psalm 95.11.  Why does God speak about this through David?  God wants to speak to David’s people in their Now.

Over 1000 years after David, the author of Hebrews quotes it again.  How is God speaking?  God is speaking in the Now, Today, to the Jewish and Gentile Christians in the New Testament Church.

In some mysterious way, God is present in all three of these times.  His Word speaks 3 times over 1,500 years.  Yet His Word comes alive in each era, and it’s applied.

God’s Word is alive Today.  Never doubt that God can summon this ancient Bible to speak into your situation Today.  Never doubt that God can summon Promises He’s spoken in your past, to come to fulfillment Today.

Once God speaks His Word, it exists in The Everlasting Now!

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