Messiah’s Mission

Messiah’s Mission June 29, 2020

I’m not preaching a political sermon.  I’m just sharing the Word of God.  We’re called to reach everybody.  That doesn’t yield to a political agenda.  That’s just our mission.

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Messiah’s Mission

Snippet from the sermon

When we’re talking about the Messiah’s Mission, it’s important to understand the the Holy Spirit had ushered in a new era with Christ.  Because of that, the Spirit also ushered in a new people.

The Messiah has a power, not just necessarily to do miracles, but also to cross boundaries.  In Jesus’ ministry, every once in awhile you catch Him going across the Israelite border and changing a little city here and there.  He would completely transform something that the Jews weren’t typically able to change.  It was His power to cross between nations.  It was a power to cross between races.

Behold my servant, whom I uphold,
my chosen, in whom my soul delights;
I have put my Spirit upon him;
he will bring forth justice to the nations.
Isaiah 42.1, ESV

The term “nations” can also be translated “Gentiles.”  In the Bible, Gentiles or nations refers to all nations, other than the Jewish race.

It’s not a negative way of referring to them, like a racial slur

Most of the time in the Old Testament we see passages like this, even as far back as Abraham, where God promises that through his house all the nations of the world will be blessed.  We see the language of blessing tied to these prophecies about the nations in the Old Testament.  It’s really exciting.

It gets even more exciting.  When we try to translate the idea of nations into our modern language, what do we think of?  We think of countries don’t we?  We think of the U.N.  We think of all the countries with all the boundaries on the maps and globes.

That’s not what nations means in the Bible.  Countries weren’t established until the late Middle Ages.  We can only guess at how big Israel was under David and under Solomon.  It was massive, but we don’t know the exact boundaries.  Your little handy maps at the end of your Bible will only give you a guess.  We didn’t have politically established boundaries.  They just didn’t exist.  So we didn’t have countries.

“Well what did we have Jared?”

In the New Testament, when we see the term nations, guess what it is in the Greek?  ethnos

You can guess what kind of words in our English language come from ethnos . . . ethnicity . . . ethnic.

When you look in the Old Testament, it doesn’t translate strictly as ethnos.  However, we still get this idea of something similar to terms we use today like “people groups,” groups that get together based on common culture.

When we look at the Bible, when we look at these words, it’s so important to know this.  In this day, we have to hear this.

The Messiah does not come to save the political establishment of the United States of America.  It was never His mission to save a country.  It was His mission to save people groups.

If you look in the New Testament in Acts, whole people groups come to God.  Whole households come to God.  At one point the whole island of Malta comes to God, and entire cities come to God.  Whole peoples come to God.

That’s the Messiah’s Mission.

Through the Holy Spirit’s power, we have the ability to cross over into other ethnos

We have the ability to reach people who don’t look like us, or smell like us, or have the same background as us, or have the same number of Bible verses memorized as we do.

We have the ability to cross over into other cultures.

If there’s one word we need to hear in America right now, it’s that the church is God’s mechanism for establishing the Kingdom of God among the cultures and the ethnos.

It’s not the political establishment’s mission.  That’s not what God called them to do.

He raised us up through the Messiah, and by the Holy Spirit’s empowerment.

You have the power to reach across any boundary simply because you bear the mark of the Messiah.

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