Accept the Challenge & GO BIG!

Accept the Challenge & GO BIG! October 26, 2020

There are 2 themes in this sermon, Accept the Challenge and GO BIG!. If you watch, I also include a William Taylor story and some practical applications.  In this article, I share a portion of the 2 themes, and please . . . I know there are different ways to use this terminology.

THEME 1: get small

Mark 4.10-12, 33-34
In the video, I’m reading from the NIV 1984

Accept the Challenge

Mentor & Disciple | Jesus calls, or summons, people to follow Him, and some do.  There is a formality to discipleship, characteristic to that culture.  This formal aspect of the discipleship relationship is usually missing today.  We’ve forgotten.

Mark says our Lord constantly pours into The Twelve away from large crowds.  Jesus Christ teaches parables to crowds, but speaks plainly to The Twelve.  Jesus shares deeper truths.  He moves from large crowds to small groups.  Jesus is not afraid to get small!

There is great humility when we get small!

THEME 2: Accept the Challenge & GO BIG!

Mark 4.8, 20

In Mark 4, we see a series of 4 Parables, but I feel led to share this one, Mark 4.30-32

The “mustard seed” does not represent one person’s faith.  It is the beginning of our Common Faith, the Christian faith.  Seeds must die, or be crushed, to sprout and grow.  The mustard seed represents Christ, and also suffering of His people, specifically the martyrs according to the Primitive Church.  The growth of the tree represents the worldwide growth of the Church.  The birds represent the way that the church even houses the angels.  This is Kingdom faith, so let me encourage you to Accept the Challenge & GO BIG! [see following note 1]

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[1] To read the interpretation of the mustard seed parable from Early Church Bishops, see Clement of Alexandria, Fragments.ii.iv.Matthew xiii.31; Athenagoras, Luke vii; and Augustine Letter 32, in Thomas C. Oden, ed., Ancient Christian Commentary on Scripture, accessed October 14, 2020,
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