Jared & Crystal | 3 Mental Wellness Recommendations

Jared & Crystal | 3 Mental Wellness Recommendations October 16, 2020

I was actually honored to be interviewed by an emerging pacesetter in mental wellness supplements.  This is from our informal Facebook Live.

3 Mental wellness Recommendations from a Therapist

My wife Crystal is doing fantastic in her fairly new mental wellness venture, to the point of catching the eye of the executives.  She is part of an integrative, supplements company that is truly unique, and is raising the bar.  She primarily advertises through Facebook (F.B.).

Jared & Crystal Ingle

3 Mental Wellness
Recommendations from a Therapist

If you’re looking for some options for mental wellness or counseling, maybe we can answer some questions, or redirect you.

Reach out

Reach out for a couple options: 1) my wife’s integrative supplements company, or 2) the supervised therapy I provide.

Crystal can talk to anyone less formally than I can as a therapist.

I also counsel via Zoom with people anywhere in the state, or in other states if their laws allow.

  • For information about what I do as a therapist, visit Meet Jared, and scroll down to The Practice.  Contact information is also available: CLICK HERE

I’m also a Pastor in the Grand Traverse Region, so I guess that’s another holistic way we can be of benefit, if you would like to be part of our community of faith.


Furthermore, let us know if you are a Christian leader and would like to discuss ideas for your parishioners.  I often consult with ministers at many different levels and in various places.

We have hosted ministers that we know well, but a new idea has surfaced recently from a couple different sources.  Ministers have considered visiting town, staying at a motel or nearby retreat center, and then spending some time with us over a couple days.

There are 2 retreat centers within about an hour of here, if someone is willing to give an offering.  A 3rd will open soon.  Also, there are plenty of Airbnb’s in and near this resort town.

In short, there are plenty of possibilities for minister-to-minister consulting, rather than formal counseling.  I’m always interested in creative options.

collective mental wellness, cabin fever, & S.A.D.

This is not exactly clinical psychology, but my illustration in the interview about cabin fever can easily be compared to Seasonal Affective Disorder (S.A.D.).  In Northwest Michigan, the winters are long, with up to 2-3 feet of snow on the ground for months on end.

Usually, people around here experience cabin fever by February, or by about the last month or so before the snow melts in March or April.  One of the points we make in the video is that the world at large seems to be experiencing something similar to cabin fever or S.A.D.

To top it all off, we all seem to be on a learning curve with the “new normal” in our respective regions and cultures, which adds to the collective frustration.  However, now we’re on a re-learning curve as we seem to be slowly edging out of some of the restrictions we’ve faced.

In one of the threads on F.B. where we posted this video, a clinical psychology scholar commented.  She said our cabin fever/S.A.D. illustration is spot-on, and “it [2020] has been a very long February!”

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