Speaking into Other Circles

Speaking into Other Circles October 18, 2020
We have been speaking into other circles this last week.​  Last Sunday, we filmed the Layreading and Sermon on ​Facebook Live.  That’s all I knew we were going to film.  I didn’t realize this, but we also filmed communion, and our communion video started getting a lot of views.

In communion, I talked about unity, not only for us and our families, but unity for Michigan.  We prayed for unity between some of our offices.

All three Branches have been involved.  The Judiciary, Legislature, and Executive have all been trying to dovetail their efforts, to put it mildly.  That was not in my communion notes last week, but I felt led to lead us in prayer along those lines.

Speaking into
Other Circles

This article is an excerpt from the sermon.

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I don’t know who we reached but that communion service has reached other ears, not just our friends.

I highlighted the communion post

When I saw that the Lord seemed to be blessing the communion post, I began to highlight it.  We can post videos directly to Facebook, and all of us can Share on Facebook.  However, when we post beyond Facebook, it’s like posting on other news networks.  When we post on other social networks, the typical number to look for is VIEWS.

By Tuesday, just a couple days after the communion video, we hit 100 VIEWS.*

On Facebook, the number we look for is REACHREACH is basically how many people have this video in front of them, even if they don’t click on it.  It’s still on their Timeline long enough for them to consider it.  At least they’ve seen it.  So on Facebook, the big number is REACH.

On Tuesday, we hit 267 REACH on Facebook.

I really pushed it on Monday.  Every 30 minutes I posted the video somewhere else because I just felt like the Lord was leading me to do that.  Maybe it was for this moment right now.  However, between Tuesday and Friday, I didn’t do anything else, no extra sharing.

On Tuesday we had 100 VIEWS.  By Friday, we had 24 more, so 124.

On Facebook, we had 267 REACH on Tuesday.  By Friday we had 329.

Now I think the Word is getting out a little bit.  I think we’re speaking into other circles.

Some may say that’s not a lot

Let me just tell you something if you’re that type of person.

1) You don’t know our congregation or the effort we’ve put forth to get to this point.  You simply don’t.

This congregation has put a lot of effort into where we’re at right now.  We may not have the stats of a megachurch but we have some pretty good stats for our church.

2) Let me tell you something else, if you’re of that mindset.  Let me just break it down a little bit more for you.

That one communion video may not be making a difference for thousands of people yet.  It might eventually, but if you add Friday’s numbers up:

Between Sunday and Friday, we made a difference for 453 people!

Bear that in mind, when you think about speaking into other circles the Word of God.

I know everybody in here did not get on Facebook and watch it 453 times, or view it on the other networks.

God is sharing the Word of God through this church, so I want to encourage you with this one example.  There are many examples of ways you’ve shared the Word in that past.  This is just one from this week.

Thank you for investing in the online ministry of Long Lake Friends Church

People are watching.  People are hearing the Gospel.  We are speaking into other circles.

For the article from last week | on communion, the prayer of Hippolytus, & unity for Michigan CLICK HERE

FREE sermon notes | CLICK HERE

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