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simplify ways to connect January 27, 2021

To be honest, my Connect page is an experiment.  I’ve had to simplify other page concepts.

Many websites have a contact information page.  Since I work from a mobile office, a traditional contact page is not necessary.  However, I want to give everyone a glimpse of my online presence, so to speak.

Some other authors on Patheos may have a book page.  To this point I have written discipleship materials, so there is no need for a book page yet.  I wouldn’t mind adding a book page.  Instead of a book page, I’m giving people a glimpse of the other activities and work I’m involved in.  In a way, it’s like a portfolio.

As I’ve stated, my Connect page is an ongoing experiment, but it’s a good one.  Since it’s unique, it has looked quite different from time to time.

I’m a believer in the virtue of simplicity.  So to simplify, the purpose of my Connect page is to offer as many ways as possible to connect, because people like options.

The first paragraph on the Connect page was the same introduction on all of my social networks.

The second line pointed people to Meet Jared, the page that is a snapshot of my professional experience.  In some ways, my social networks serve as a funnel to my Meet Jared page.

Why connect in so many ways?

I want people to connect in as many ways as possible so that they keep coming in contact with my content.  At some point, they’ll dig deeper and find one of my professional pages.  Then they’ll see some of the services I offer.

Plus, social networks meet people where they already are, increase interest, and build loyalty over time.  In some ways, this approach is even better than paid advertising.

How many ways should I connect?

This is a common question.  What I’m sharing here may look like a lot, and there are more ways I’m involved.  However, the rule of thumb has been to find 2-3 ways to connect, 2-3 social networks where you can build a following.  Do 2-3 things well, and then go from there.

I keep this Patheos column and YouTube at the center.  Both have the potential for contacts and income so they are a little higher on my priority list.

Facebook, LinkedIn, and Soundcloud are other ways of spreading brand awareness.  From Soundcloud I have posted my podcasts to iTunes and now to Spotify.  So all three podcasts are only uploaded once to Soundcloud.

You will find ways to simplify

Please simplify, but don’t be the person that spreads yourself too thin over too many social networks.  And please don’t be the person who tries every new hipster platform.  Truth is, Facebook and Youtube eclipse all the others.  They are still good options for building a platform, all politics aside.

If you’re choosing some social networks, here are a couple ways to simplify the selection process: 1) know your particular audience (or intended audience), and 2) know yourself.

In this article I’ve saved the previous Connect page for comparison, and for the archives.

To view my current Connect page CLICK HERE

Grace and Peace,

Rev. Jared Ingle, M.A., M.T.S.

A Few Ways to Connect . . .

Take a moment to meet me.  Online Instructor.  Writer.  Minister.  Marriage and Family Counselor.  I wear all these hats as a Christian, husband, and dad who is overseeing a nonprofit in the beautiful Grand Traverse Bay Area.

If you would like to read about my professional life and writings see my page: Meet Jared

If you’re simply looking for the quickest path to Connect with me or JC Ingle, Inc. then you’ve found it.  You’ll find what you need on this page at a glance.

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  2. Supervised Marriage and Family Therapist
  3. Evangelical Columnist at Patheos
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Hoping to Forge a Connection,

Rev. Jared

1. Contact Info

231.714.4154, Google Voice
Quickest way to connect.  Please leave a message.

2. Supervised Marriage and Family Therapist

AAMFT Therapist Locator

Therapist Locator is a service for members of the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy

3. Evangelical Columnist at Patheos

Description of my writings CLICK HERE

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4. JCIngle YouTube

5. JCIngle Facebook business page

6. Podcasts

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JCIngle iTunes 

JCIngle Soundcloud

7. LinkedIn

LinkedIn profiles offer a snapshot of professional development

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