on the need for a video platform

on the need for a video platform January 24, 2021

When we think about a the need for a video platform, was it even a concern in 2019?  For pastors of smaller to medium churches, the congregation is often quite healthy with little or no online presence, and no video platform.  Then last year rolled in . . . and suddenly a video platform became a real need.

I’ve been on YouTube since 2018.  I looked into Vevo and and a number of video platforms.  However, they are not really close to the size of YouTube at all.  Do you know that YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine in the world?

A couple YouTube coaches

Once I decided on YouTube for the above reasons, and many more, I began to look for coaches.  Who is doing well on YouTube?  Now I constantly review the materials of just 2 coaches.  I’m even on their email lists.

Sunny Lenarduzzi doesn’t claim to be Christian, but she is entirely positive.  She is also a coach that many coaches look to.  She has a multi-million dollar YouTube business.  It’s her niche.

David J. Boozer is the other coach that I look to for a lot of web development coaching.  He’s also a coach to coaches, but he keeps a pretty low profile on YouTube, although he does have multiple channels.  One of his channels has over 30k subscribers.  So, don’t let the simplicity of his coaching channel fool you.  He’s doing quite well financially in the Pacific Northwest – the land of plaid and coffee – as he says.

JCIngle YouTube

I watch the videos and model my channel after Sunny and David, making my own changes from time to time.  Consider it a form of researching best practices.

In fact, I just updated our channel to look more like one of David’s YouTube channels.

To view JCIngle YouTube CLICK HERE

I condensed our Playlists.  Crystal does all types of videos, so I don’t always use her work on Patheos.  However, she has done some guest posts for me in the past. Here’s the most recent from the Crystal Ingle Playlist.

Paleo Chocolate Banana Mocha Muffins

We’re eating healthy . . . but nobody said it had to be boring!  Here are Crystal Ingle’s famous Paleo Chocolate Banana Mocha Muffins (grain-free, gluten-free, dairy-free).

For the original recipe CLICK HERE

Crystal works as a homeschool teacher, an ESL teacher, and as a mental wellness consultant.  If you’re looking for more healthy alternatives, recipes, supplements, then:

To reach out to her CLICK HERE

What’s the bottom line with a video platform?

The rules changed right before I got into the game.  Now the rule is that to be part of the money making club, you need 1,000 Subscribers.  I’m nowhere near that mark . . . yet.  However, I at least hope to hit 100 Subs this year.  That will open up some new features for me as a content creator.  If you take a look at our channel and like a couple videos, why not subscribe?

I have never really advertised YouTube or tried to make money with it.  I post YouTube videos to our Facebook Business Page.  I have used YouTube as a means of posting vlogs here on Patheos.  It’s basically my video platform for the contracted work I do here as an Evangelical Columnist.  Once per week I post a vlog.  The second post each week is usually a writing from my Theological wheelhouse.

So, if you’re in it for the money, you have to face the question, “What’s the bottom line?”

Do you have the time to invest crazy hours into making a YouTube channel rock?  Do you already have a combined platform of hundreds, or thousands of followers?

Making it big on YouTube is about like writing a hit book, something I’ve heard from top publishers.  It’s like becoming a well-known musical artist or a pro ball player.  It’s for the select few.

However, if you want to make a difference for those you serve, then your bottom line may not be to retire early off of your YouTube videos.  Your bottom line may be quite different all together.  Keep your eyes on those you serve and you’ll find fulfillment in these “curious works” (Exodus 35.31-33).

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