Jared & Crystal | vitamin D, light therapy & mental wellness

Jared & Crystal | vitamin D, light therapy & mental wellness January 3, 2021

Vitamin D, Light Therapy
& Mental Wellness

I was actually honored to be interviewed by an emerging, online pacesetter in mental wellness supplements.  My wife Crystal has been excelling rapidly in her new venture.  Among other things, we discuss vitamin D and light therapy.

This video is from our informal Facebook Live.  If you’re looking for some options for mental wellness or counseling, maybe we can answer some questions, or redirect you.

Reach out for a couple options:

1) Crystal’s mental wellness network

Ask my wife directly about her integrative, online supplements company, and/or…

2) you can ask me about the supervised therapy I provide

What time works for you?

I know it’s old school, but I’m truly honored when people invite me to offer guidance and wisdom to face challenges | https://bit.ly/3kk5QJW

I’m a provider of supervised M.F.T.|L.P.C. counseling, because I’m dually-qualified with the state.  I also counsel via Zoom with people anywhere in the state, or in other states if their laws allow.

a couple research sources

Here is one article on the efficacy of Vitamin D

Please be careful to monitor Vitamin D according to the recommended dosages, because more is not always helpful.  Your doctor can order a blood test if necessary | https://bit.ly/2GHuO86

Research on light therapy

Our collegians are at the crux of this research, and perhaps a critical population now as well (autumn 2020), living in their on-campus bubbles | https://bit.ly/38pEcZn

Here is another peer-reviewed article on light therapy with mood disorders | https://bit.ly/3leGmPk

reissued article

I originally issued this article on November 9, 2020.  Ironically, while writing about wellness I was facing my own challenge.  There was just too much going on in my life, too much going on in my head, and I was also trying to do too much with the original article.

If you would like to know a little more about my own saga PLEASE CLICK HERE

I may repurpose articles like this from time to time as a way of offering updates as I progress along the way.

As always, thanks for tuning-in!
Happy New Year!!

Rev. Jared Ingle, M.A., M.T.S., L.L.M.F.T.

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