What did David hear?

What did David hear? January 14, 2021

What did David hear?  What do you hear in conversations, in life, and from God?  Are you listening with both ears?  Are you listening with the 3rd or the 4th ear?  Tune-in to look at the classic story of David and Goliath from a counseling perspective.

What did David hear?

This is a retelling of a well-known story, integrating it with therapy.  It’s a classic story with a giant threat, literally.  It’s David and Goliath from 1 Samuel 17.  Here are a few thought from the video.

When I recently returned to this story, I was struck with one question that I’m sharing in this video.  What if the whole story hinges on the last part of 1 Samuel 17.23?…

And David heard him.

What did David hear?  What made David different?

Let me apply the central question succinctly.  What do you hear in conversations, and what do you hear from God?

Are you listening with both ears?

Are you listening with the third ear?

  • Active Listening
  • Metalanguage
  • What is NOT said?

Are you listening with the 4th ear?

This is especially important for Christian counselors and helping professionals

  • With the 4th ear, we invite the Holy Spirit to speak in the moment
  • Pray as you are counseling.  Develop an inner stance of prayer.
  • Maintain an openness to the Spirit and the Gifts.
  • The Spirit uses the Gifts to quicken the healing.

One of the rules of counseling ethics is “Do not impose.”  For instance, you don’t want to push your Christian beliefs off on non-believers in the counseling session.  However, one workaround is to gain informed consent.  Let the client know your Christian beliefs.  This makes it easier when it’s time to speak a word from the Spirit, or to integrate your faith into the session in one way or another.

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