A Little More on 2020

A Little More on 2020 January 18, 2021

A little more on 2020 . . . Years from now, we all will have our own stories to tell about the year and we will have a global narrative to recall as well.  I’m taking some more time to focus on highlights, not my saga of suffering.

JVI | Dad & The Brothers at Wrigley | 07.01.18

All I’ll say at this point is I wish I could go to a game . . . I’m hearing good things about a full baseball season.  I hope it includes fans.

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Blessings this new year!

Rev. Jared Ingle, M.A., M.T.S.

First things first

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JCIngle best of 2020 . . .

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A little more about the numbers

  • A Tale of Two… Acquaintances…
  • One acquaintance took a pastoral staff position at something more than a megachurch. It’s one of the largest churches in America. He wrote a book. It instantly made it to the New York Times Top 10.
  • After a Christian graduate degree, the other acquaintance became a Scholar in Residence. He wrote a pastoral leadership book that is not as popular. However, it really helped his family financially during the time because he had a good publisher. Furthermore, it was instrumental in getting him noticed by academic institutions. He eventually earned a European doctorate of Theology (D.Phil.) from a school we all know about. He now oversees the honors program at a Christian university on the Eastern seaboard.
  • Out of the two, what acquaintance chose the right path? Trust me, they’re both so brilliant, the roles could have easily been reversed. There is no right path, in my opinion. I simply believe they are both obedient servants of God.
  • Personally, at this point in my life, I would choose the 2nd path for a few reasons, because of the telos I aspire to. The movements and purposes in some academic institutions resonate with me.
  • What path is right for you? Please don’t make it about the numbers and performance, as much as it’s about simply obeying God.
  • What do the numbers matter to me, or my 2 acquaintances (i.e. number of book sales)? Numbers matter for every life that is impacted – including mine as I share with you. Therefore, I do all I can with what I have to maximize my impact, as I’m sure you do as well.

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