Guest Post | Crystal interviews Dr. Trina Loos about anxiety

Guest Post | Crystal interviews Dr. Trina Loos about anxiety February 22, 2021

Dr. Trina Loos shares how she and her daughter have found natural solutions to anxiety.

Crystal interviews
Dr. Trina Loos

Scientific mama finds something to help her and her children with anxiety.

I’m a scientist.  I do stay at home with my kids now, but I have a Ph.D. in molecular biology.  I love to dive into the science, read the literature, understand what research they’re doing right now, and the implications it has for people.

So I started to learn about gut health.  It’s all the craze right now.  I was on some gut health products.  I realized the research says . . . gut health should help with autism.  It should help with anxiety.  And it should help with depression.  It should help with all of these things, right?

Well then, why isn’t it helping with my anxiety?  Why hasn’t it helped my friend with her depression?

So I started to learn about these new products at this new company.  It was like my scientific dreams came true.  Everything that I’d been researching is what they’re putting into practice here.  For instance, they pick specific lines of probiotics to help with anxiety . . . and depression . . . and stress management.  I realized this is what I’ve been reading about.

I knew I had to try this.

Trina Loos, Ph.D.

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