What if you reached 1K people this month?

What if you reached 1K people this month? March 1, 2021

Good afternoon!  It’s a beautiful day here in the Roanoke Valley.  I’m just jumping on here really quick with a What if? question.  I’ll share that here in a second.

What if you reached
1K people this month?

It has to do with Reach.  On one of my channels, I’m an Evangelical Columnist for  It’s the World’s largest religion website and community online.  Just look there for Evangelicals and you’ll find me and some of my articles.

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This month I had 1,918 Pageviews which means people got on there and looked at different Pages.

I had 1,170 Unique Visitors which means people.  Different people looked.

I just thought, you know it’s not a New York Times Bestseller amount of people, but it is still 1,170 people!

What if you reached 1,000 people this month with your social networks and everything you could do?  What if you reached 1,000 people this month and made a difference?

Let’s break it down further . . .

Some of these authors on Patheos are putting up outlandish numbers because they have an amazing Readership base.  I’ve worked a lot to get where I am, although my numbers still seem small.  However, let me pick on Pastors and Therapists since those are my fields of discipline.

Pastors, how many different people graced your church doors last month?  How many have you reached through your church’s Online Presence?  Did you Reach 1K last month?  The average church attendance in America is under 100, so it can be difficult to reach 1K people in a month.  Do you need to build an Online Presence for your church?

Therapists, how many people have visited your office?  How are you doing during the various lockdowns the states are facing?  Have you been able to make the transition to Telehealth, perhaps Online Therapy?  Are there 1K clients or people within your Reach who are benefiting from the Services you offer?  Are you raising awareness for your Brand and Services online with all the free social networking tools available to you?

What if? . . .

Rev. Jared Ingle
Minister | Supervised Therapist
Teacher | Author

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