Tea Time | it’s so easy to talk about finding a place to start work right now

Tea Time | it’s so easy to talk about finding a place to start work right now November 1, 2022

Are you all wondering where to start looking about for work in Virginia? For those looking for a fresh start, this could be a work field guide. I don’t know why you’d look into what I have to offer in the job sector since I’m kind of pigeon-holed.

If the work boards don’t lead you directly to a Virginia site, you can usually start by filtering the results somehow. It’s different on every website, but with the filters, it’s the same difference.

Are you about driving?

Do you want a desk job?

Would you like to work 100% remote, or a hybrid?

Would you like to work in the field like a social worker?

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For those looking for work in Virginia, you may be surprised if you start with the American Red Cross. Blood Drives: Careers

“Say, any of you boys smithies? Or, if not smithies per se, were you otherwise trained in the metallurgic arts before straitened circumstances forced you into a life of aimless wanderin’?”
Movie line? Yeah, I’d really start going for the secondary: Careers

It’s like a class system economic philosophy, certainly not Biblical economic koinonia perhaps where there’s no glass ceiling, but I’d really start going for the secondaryCareers

If it’s within an hour of you, you’re in a better position to become apart as a start. Regent University: Careers

They will let you work 100% remote, headset, and computer. It’s a smaller computer. I can run a line directly from the modem, and I’ll just give it to you. CBN Careers

In Traverse City Aldi was hiring at 15 per hour to start: Careers

One newer redshirt at Chik-fil-A makes about 11+ per hour, but has worked there well over a year. Another higher up helped me find the family tablet with the keyboard…
“I’ll check where I keep the iPads…
Now let me ask you a question…
Did that already have a crack in it?” Careers
“Yes it is schizzed up a bit isn’t it?”

“You asked to see the chapel so I unlocked the door…
Yes, parents can sit in during chapel services with their students.” Admissions Counselor, “from Guatemala, purely coincidental!!”

There’s really only room for a couple of us in here at a time, the office in case you have questions like I do. “You can talk to Chaplain Chris!” Roanoke College Careers

Dairy free sandwich shops are difficult to find, but I don’t know about J.J.: Careers

My eldest was delivering and working in the commons, but he’s just working in the cafe. He’s a really decent D.J. too, and he knows a thing or two about genræ. “Dad, you have really spoiled me to Will Reagan.” Pandora
Some of my outside readership should seriously have a conversation with him about once a week.

“I’m a single mother, 42, and I have 1 child;” the things you overhear at the cafe.
People are talking to each other, but it’s really like they’re passing a note my way alone in the cafe.
However, when you’re in the cafe you have to…
hand out a dirty chai often, maybe make a milky chai.

Some people are about drinking it cold I guess not me.

The workaround is when I let the syrup settle into the ice first, and then I’ll go do something else.

For those who work there as a Certified Barista, a Shift, or for anyone who was a Manager, you can mix it up with people on your level though. Don’t set up shop talking too much with everyone.

Some people just want to bask in the atmosphere quietly, hardly ever saying anything about themselves.
If I said too much else I’d be sharing proprietary information, since I’ve worked with them for awhile. At the hiring fair I gave full disclosure and was offered a job even if in a month or two I might have to make a decision which is better.
Have you ever tried a tea steeped completely in milk or a London Fog? Starbucks: Careers

Keep all the doors open. Valley Church Roanoke: Careers

I’d love even being an Assistant in the library, beautiful campus near the heart of town! The youth pastor’s dad taught there adjunct, or so I’ve heard I guess.

It’s State, right?

Virginia Western: Careers

One of the hubs is within walking distance of the apartments.

For a related article on the political nature of the marketplace in crux with the Evangelical Church CLICK

I honestly think the answer is, “You’ll have to go to Florida first.” However, this one’s in Virginia and it’s within an hour drive of the UVA Religion Department, mostly Interstate. I might need a job like this, because then and there it would never be such a long drive home. The Spice & Tea Exchange Careers

Radford is on the verge of an hour, just get it on down the road this autumn, if I may be a little more undignified. The school is very prestigious though, so I’ve probably already hurt my chances with any exchange like this: Careers

Some have a coffee bar, excellent meat department, and my son applied there. Fresh Market: Careers

Virginia Tech reminds me of Villanova. Yet their ladies basketball team is doing better than their guys, but it only takes a moment to catch up. I’m pretty sure the Hokie Stone isn’t in the gym though, or is there another stone I don’t know about? VTech Careers

I’m always glad to find out students who are walking by on my first campus tour are teaching a course. Roanoke Higher Education Center Careers

I’ve got a little bit of work for myself, not exactly from a temp agency either.

It’s the weekend of Thanksgiving.
It’s good to be apart of the Mid-Atlantic Coast District again: Careers

UVA is simply beyond my reach unless it’s just down the road a little further than Radford at the branch campus. It’s so easy as an Interstate commute: Careers

Just use Waze

Careers: Are you driving?

Some of you could really do this!
Mental health peoples on the behavioral health side in Virginia: Careers

Have you taken your national yet?: Careers || Careers
I’ve only taken my natl. comprehensive exams based on the national exam upon graduation from my 1st masters, so far.

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When I took this job, I didn’t know about how much tech work would be involved!

There’s some front end of the store work at Paul Mitchell, and then there’s a desk job or two now and then, so I’m not simply known around here for clipper dos and collecting dues: Careers

For a related article on the political nature of the marketplace in crux with the Evangelical Church CLICK

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