What place does prayer have in sports for both spectators and athletes?

What place does prayer have in sports for both spectators and athletes? November 3, 2022

What place does prayer have in sports for both spectators and athletes?

  • Consider this an old fashioned editorial.
  • These are lessons learned if experience is still a good teacher.

I’ve ran with sports psychologists, in a manner of speaking. Wait for it…

sports psychology prayer integration
begins at 6 minutes,30 seconds

Some of the greatest spectators are preachers. There’s no doubt preachers often use their favorite teams/players for sermon illustrations. In fact I’m always seeing pictures weaving their way through avatars from the Office of the General Secretary with Spartans football. Now I can talk about football. And then there’s the Pastor whoIs connected to the Office of the General Bishop who is always wining with threads about Arizona’s professional sports teams, but a diehard nonetheless; even a local high school commentator. There’s another Pastor with two doctorates; Pastor for nearly 20 years now of the same parish; with a large picture on his office wall of “Touchdown Jesus!” These types of ministers are throwing up prayers for football like a Hail Mary Pass.

However, it’s so easy for football prayers to become more like Hail Mary of Magdala with the 7 braids prayers, or at least who she used to be…

…because we can rely on prayer like it will actually help us win {tighten the rush or fun} when God often anoints sustained effort over time; longevity of practiced discipline.

Who’s to say one-on-one sports, or squad sports that call out all the cheerleaders, aren’t forms of spiritual practices for Christian athletes?

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On Sunday, we can probably agree ministers have a flow on social sites. On Saturday they’re all over the place with selfies in the sports tees like a patchwork quilt {wait, now there’s an idea}.

  • Some preachers only talk on Facebook about their church events, heavy Theology, and sports as if they’re play-by-play wanna’ be’s.

I was usually a 3 sport athlete every academic year all the way through.

  • I also went to Christian schools from jr. high through my 2 masters degrees.
  • I’ve studied in depth the role of such colleges beefing up their athletic programmes into the higher ranking system.
  • My Bible teacher and coach played basketball in Europe. Do you all know Europe hosts some of the feeder teams for the NBA, or used to?
  • One of my students made it to the Professional “American Football” league in Europe, to the top, and now he’s a coach.
  • A chaplain who worked with me became apart of the basketball coaching staff for Florida State University Seminoles.
  • Do you think I’m speaking as one who has only been around people who have the drive, but not enough magic to make it to the show?
  • I’ve swam in the sports subculture as long as I can remember.

What if two tennis players who have practiced the same amount of time and who have the same skillsets, stamina, backhand, etc. wind up praying before the game-set-match, “God would You please make me win?”

How about an athlete who loves one sport best, fasts and prays, weeping over his hands pleading, “God if not now, what else am I going to do with my hands if I don’t play my sport?”

What if a Christian potter with a mobile potter’s wheel meets with a Christian basketball team and goes through the whole spill on the clay in the hands of the potter, but the coach repeatedly asks until everybody seems to stop to listen, “Why did I get angry when you smashed the pot?”

  • Aren’t questions of a spiritual director like prayers, because the person is in a unique place to offer a message?
  • If I remember correctly, a thoughtful conversation ensued after, “Why did I get angry after you smashed the pot?”

In the offseason, what prayers do athletes pray?

  • Is it possible for Seasonal Affective Disorder (S.A.D.) to become an off-S.A.D.?

What affect do uniform colors have on the psuche (soul)?

At a liberal arts college, which honors her Christian legacy, the colors are blue and gold aren’t they?

  • However, a few years ago, the baseball team came up short with uniforms.
  • Finally they found enough of their old school maroon uniforms, and then we started winning.

Do non-Christians pray and can their prayers raise the spirits of others?

  • Has anybody ever heard of The Ickey Woods Shuffle?
  • Is there an easier way than my research to tell if Ickey Woods is a Christian? Don’t worry about it. I forgot how old I was (-;
  • Ickey Woods raised the spirits of the whole NFL, not to mention all the spectators, with his touchdown celebration.
  • This begs the question:
  • Can the Spirit use a dance to raise the spirits of the NFL and countless fans?
  • Even ‘dAH Bears did a spin-off video for what it’s worth circa the same time.

Bonus Question, no real answer I can think of:

Since Herschel Walker claims Christianity, does it mean his prayers are heard over his opponent?

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