click bait vs. developing the why

click bait vs. developing the why June 8, 2022

We live in a period when people spend more time trying to influence people they don’t know, neglecting the people who are next to them craving their attention. Sope Agbelushi

A Christian involved in a social services field posted this today.

I don’t know the author, but I know the Christian who posted it, and that’s part of the point isn’t it?

I’m not sure how to proceed because I’m in an ethics series, but I still like to post a video (vlog) once a week if possible. I’d like to review YouTube recents.

Perhaps I will, but point out a little bit more of the why behind my activities on Patheos and YouTube.

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I mention a Stephen Garber concept, who has ministered as a scholar in residence, and taught at a number of schools.

Although he has taught at Harvard and/or Yale, I believe he currently teaches at Regent College

He has written many works, including The Fabric of Faithfulness: Weaving Together Belief and Behavior

the why

I have aspirations, hopes for professional development, and hopes for working with people who are not only like-minded, but who also have an interest in the professional development of their workforce.

As many are re-entering vocational fields, this may be a high priority. In recent years for example, even fast food chains have started to offer various forms of tuition assistance.

That’s not the only reason I write, to position myself, to better myself. It is a discipline that can serve as a means to that end though.

I write as I teach or preach, often in a series so people can absorb more systematically over time (catechesis). I have written discipleship materials, published globally, since 2010. Before then, I toured the nation as a youth evangelist teaching Pneumatology in statewide conferences. It’s part of the way I think, whether teaching in one of these settings, or the local church, or as adjunct faculty, etc. To me, it’s missional.

Then there are times when I narrow the niche as so many people talk about these days…
for an audience of one…
on and on the mantras go!

Marta Esteban Fernando | Two people on a hilly stroll | 11.03.14 | | public domain

However, there is some value in it, to niche-down and impact a few really well, instead of trying to be a generalist all the time.

I write for our Lord, the people of God, anyone really on this true Aeropagus, possibly with a small group or even one in mind at times…

It is a contracted position, but it is also something I love so much, I do it nearly for free. Revenue is residual, based solely on pageviews. Some of these writers on Patheos have upwards of 10,000 pageviews per day.

Hopefully this makes my saga a little more personal.

I’ll offer some platforms where I’m usually readily available as well.

my platforms | click here, click here, clickbait…

I hope this doesn’t negate the last section, or the opening thoughts above.

1) For those in the state of Michigan, I offer online marriage counseling

I’m also qualified to offer individual counseling with my education

If you’re interested in any type of online counseling, and you’re in the state of Michigan, please reach out ($40 per 40-45 minutes)

231.714.4154 (Google Voice)

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