Guest Post | Crystal interviews Dana Lewis about A.D.H.D.

Guest Post | Crystal interviews Dana Lewis about A.D.H.D. February 7, 2021

Dana Lewis shares her story of hope for the challenges of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (A.D.H.D.).  Today we will chat about the challenges of A.D.H.D. with her son, the pressures to put him on pharmaceuticals, and what she did instead that made teachers thank her.

Crystal interviews
Dana Lewis
about A.D.H.D.

Crystal Ingle

Homeschool | E.S.L. | Mental Wellness Consultant

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related notes:

This seems like a fitting topic in light of my most recent article on the Gifts of the Spirit, particularly healing.  After explaining a Biblical understanding of healing, I stated:

“I always like to add that with healing, we often see this mystery of God at work in our medical communities and in various helping professions.”

Certainly Crystal and Dana are in a unique position to assist others with integrative supplements.   Please consider reaching out to Crystal if you have any further questions.  There are plenty of testimonials she can share of people who have been changed.  She would be more than happy to talk to you.  Once again, she can be easily reached at Facebook.  She also shares quite a bit about Mental Wellness on her profile.  To visit Crystal’s Facebook page | CLICK HERE

From time to time, I really enjoy offering a Guest Post or an In Dialogue where I share a conversation with someone else.

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One more note, Crystal and I have decided to place her interview with Dana on our podcast.  All of our podcasts are FREE to download for a limited time.  So drop by and download the interview on one of our JCIngle podcast platforms . . . before it’s gone.




I hope you enjoy this informative interview and related materials.

Standing with you for your best health,

Rev. Jared Ingle, M.A., M.T.S.

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