here are other views on Revelation

here are other views on Revelation July 7, 2021

Then here is my nemesis, my temptation… Some people believe they can reinterpret the Early Church, or First Century Church beliefs. At times I am tempted to do so, but then I remember…. 

I am continuing the series on Revelation. You can have multiple views of Revelation if you like. Read into it whatever you want.

I personally am a Pre-Millennial, Pre-Tribulation, Rapture believing Christian. I think it’s just as good of a view as anything out there.

here are other views on Revelation

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When it comes to divergent beliefs about the Last Times, End Times, Revelation, prophecy Scripture, Eschatology, etc., much of the debate centers around the Millennium.

Last week, I shared how Revelation 4.1 can be interpreted as the Rapture passage in Revelation. To read about the significance of that Scripture: CLICK HERE

Here are other views

There’s premilleniallism, postmillennialism, and amillennialism. You can Google them, look them up on Wikipedia, or just look for Spurgeon memes with the definitions. I’m sure you’ll find reliable definitions and sources, haha.

Then here is my nemesis, my temptation…

Some people believe they can reinterpret the Early Church, or First Century beliefs. At times I am tempted to do so, but then I remember what my late, undergrad professor taught.

There is no way to know exactly what they were thinking back then. He had all of the hermeneutical interpretation resources at his fingertips, both Biblical hermeneutics and sociological hermeneutics. Professor Dan Albrecht received his Ph.D. from G.T.U., a consortium of seven of the oldest seminaries on the West Coast at that time.

In light of what Prof. Albrecht taught, let’s not overthink this

If you are reading Revelation, remember the Apostle John shows us what Christ is saying to the churches on earth first. Then the focus changes in chapter 4 to scenes in Heaven and on earth.

Back and forth, the scenes go on and on, but you start to realize one thing. What is going on in Heaven trumps what’s going on in earth. In other words, all the devil’s and antichrist’s schemes are never really prevailing. God’s works in heaven have global ramifications, and there are many supernatural in-breakings on earth as well.

We’re at war

It is war, no doubt, but the Antichrist can’t see what’s going on in HeavenAll Heaven is breaking loose against him. I wrote that right. The Antichrist is possessed, and thinks all Hell is breaking loose in his favor. However, all of Heaven is crashing down upon him over and over.

I believe this is the spirit of the antichrist as well, that Christians have witnessed since the dawn of our age. See 1 and 2 John. We’re positive that John penned every one of his books, so there is internal consistency with his understanding of the antichrist, among many other teachings.

Lord willing, I will share a vignette to illustrate the point that the Apostle John writes into the narrative. Stay tuned.

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