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timed writing | are you a writer? August 13, 2021

Oh, again with a free writing, perhaps timed.

I went for a jog today and could’ve got soaked in a deluge (actually a great band in their day).

Fasting in a way, I’m watching out.. replenish.

Now planning shorter meals, practicality not high on my giftings.

French dressing is out for salads, oil and vinegar, possibly Braggs and Newman’s are a-ok.

Shepherds may find themselves eating sheep cheese because of food sensitivities, keeping it simple but not a-ok.

Brauts sound good with Canadian kraut, no leftovers.

Now I bet our whole hacienda would smell.

In the heat, the smell of great meals shows me what Sigmund calls the Id.. mm.

Now no judging me por favor. If you do, perdon.

Not into games.

Well, the timed writing came in at about what I expected it to

I have some criteria for these posts. This one took a turn I wasn’t expecting as I found myself reminiscing a little.

Don’t go spreading rumors about anything nobody knows anything about, or anybody for that matter. Please see Luke iv.23 in Aramaic, Greek, and Latin for all I care.

Or you can go to the Christian Classic Etherial Library, or their worship center.

I like working with Oden’s Ancient Christian Commentary Series… Oden – Oofta! lol, a true compatriot, but you’d have to visit the Dakotas to know the inside joke with my council. If he ever asks if I have Classic Christianity, I would say I have the book, read it cover to cover, and thoroughly marked in pencil, but’s it’s under lock and key. It really is that valuable to me.

The reason I consult certain successions of leaders is because they serve to me as a first order of Biblical narrative interpretation.

Gregory of Nyssa points out there is some of the same terminology of Lk iv.23 in the healing of Simon Peter’s mother

Gregory of Nyssa is part of the Cappadocian Fathers who work on the two Nicene Councils, there are actually two before the Nicene Creed is completed.

Ironically, one of the Cappadocian Fathers is a woman; Macrina Whois revelatory at times. She definitely would not be in cahoots with the woman’s lib movement. And she is not condescending, not all about control, not about girl power, etc.

Ambrose refers to Luke iv.23 because it’s part of the rejection of Jesus in the city of Nazareth

Look at the chapter. He says that the idea Jesus is talking about is part of the scandal of particularity (as scholars say now). The greater miracle is Jesus is born to a particular group of people, in a particular time, in a particular way, etc. Nazareth should be rejoicing!

My thought is that would cause faith to arise in that instance as well, possibly leading to miracles. Ambrose thinks that is the greater miracle. Hmm, I wonder what Monica would think about that.

Monica can’t deny Ostia, even if her and Bishop Ambrose sound sorta Cessationist. It’s tragic if people think miracles cease, but some scholars wonder if the Ostia experience includes speaking in tongues. Tasting the goodness of God..

and then turning away.. not good, truly, like sociological group mob mentality (formally things something like basking in reflected glory or groupthink). Then there’s quenching the Spirit. I’m not trying to raise the ire of people who have different opinions, but after all I’m under contract as a Pentecostal scholar with Patheos. I’m not a know-it-all either. If you can’t entertain conversations like this, maybe seminary isn’t the place for you because some of these conversations are quite warm, not necessarily cold, like they appear in written form.

I’ve read that Cessationists who deeply read a great translation of The Confessions may get a little uncomfortable. So, I’m Charismatic, very Charismatic, actually Pentecostal-Charismatic, with some higher ups.

For those who are wondering, I’m a married man, able to counsel in the State of Michigan online

I don’t typically see individuals, but couples and families, as some veeps have recommended. I’m on the record with the veeps, some of them from Josh McDowell’s ministry. I say that to let you know I have multiple groups of people pouring into me. However, I’m cross-trained so I have seen individuals in the past, especially for relational counseling. I have mainly worked with couples recently.

I have had a clean line with the same supervisor. He works with groups as well, and that’s possible for me. When he works online with groups, he will sometimes split couples and others into online rooms to answer questions as he directs. He’s known and worked with the previous honors programme leader at Eastern University. Eastern University is part of the same fellowship where I went to high school, same school.

I’ve got another council meeting soon, or maybe go shopping at Kroger, but not on Fri 13th, no Freddy Kreugers, movies I have never seen nor do I care too. Okay, that’s weird.

GabboT | Amber Heard and Johnny Depp at the premiere of Black Mass, 2015 Toronto Film Festival | 09.14.15 | Creative Commons

Never saw Edward Scissorhands either, but I would venture a guesstimate that it’s much better, not as dark.

Then there’s bearing false witness against your neighbor, to falsify information which is a different set of issues, and Amber may try to do it again. For one of my related articles CLICK HERE

Maybe we can go to the Goodwill, but I would prefer the Salvation Army being a good Pentecostal-Charismatic in the Arminio-Wesleyan stream. Or maybe we’ll do nothing. gtg

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