Williamsburg, amusement, food, history, & a spot of tea

Williamsburg, amusement, food, history, & a spot of tea August 6, 2021

Rumor has it that Bohea Tea was dumped overboard at the Boston Tea Party. Opened it and smelled the robust loose leaf aroma. Delectable, as were the enticing aromas in the entire store.

So, I normally write as a Pentecostal scholar and voice as an Evangelical Columnist for Patheos, but this week is vacation.

Here we are starting the four day excursion

Everywhere we went, I realized I may be getting older because I was thoroughly enjoying the food smells more than the rides. However, we did start talking about the park meal plan for day 3.

After we had a blast at the waterpark and then then main park, we went to Golden Corral. Dinner was amazing, clean (high priority for me at any buffet, even prior to 2020), with a wide selection of items I can eat on my diet. Although it’s not all about food, it is the amusement park’s specialty, but I am on a dietary health journey this year.

Bishop Alvarez made some comments about Golden Corral on the social network joking around with me, but it turned out to be worth it.

Right at the beginning of the third day I came up with an axiom. Okay it may not be too philosophical, but I thought it was tweetable, and I got some likes on a couple networks.

Keep this axiom in mind as I film myself and my 3 sons riding one of the few rides that we all got to ride together, the SuperGrover.

Enough is enough!

Not said enough.

From our work, to our mobile work on our devices, to our hectic, busy lives that take us away from the Church and from relationships.

Means quit feeding me something that’s distracting me from what God’s calling me to be.

Use your time wisely.

Repeat, repost, etc., it’s a decent axiom.

Another day, this one in Colonial Williamsburg

Nothing exactly like the current excavation project on the very first African American church building in America!

Deeply moved by the fact that it is right in the heart of our very first settlement in America!

I know there’s a long story, but basically a couple of influencers changed public opinion so that the African Americans wouldn’t be worshiping somewhere outside of Colonial Williamsburg in a barn, or something.

Rights and privileges are important, but take time to learn real American history (see more ethical writings in this category CLICK HERE)!

On this excavation site, I saw tangible proof that we made room for an African American house of worship right in the heart of our first city (1813), long before the Civil War.

Now of course there’s a good tea shoppe in Colonial Williamsburg

JVI | Bohea Tea brand of the Boston Tea Party | The Spice & Tea Exchange | 08.05.21

Rumor has it that the Bohea Tea in the picture above is the very tea dumped overboard at the Boston Tea Party. Opened it and smelled the robust loose leaf aroma.

Delectable, as were the enticing aromas in the entire store.

Staff favorite, the Bohea Tea…. ironically 😉

Of course I went with one of the teas from Argentina anyway, brewed by staff for 6 minutes, a little ice added, and prepared with care for the long journey home || business info and shipping available CLICK HERE

So these are some memories from vacation that are too much to post on social networks, where I’ll easily forget them. As you have read through them I hope you’ve been challenged to make the most of everyday, not just summer.

Delight yourself also in the Lord, And He shall give you the desires of your heart. Psalm 37.4, NKJV

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