ministry & my other life

ministry & my other life July 29, 2021

Why work with me when it comes to ministry or possibly counseling? One of those reasons is because of my educational background.

ministry & my other life

ministry & Theology

B.A. General Ministries

M.T.S. Master of Theological Studies

in my other life

B.A. Psychology Minor, almost a double major

M.A. Counseling Psychology, Dual Concentration: Marital and Family Therapy/Licensed Professional Counseling

professional counseling

I am licensed with the State of Michigan to offer counseling under supervision for clients who are in Michigan. I offer online counseling. If you are interested, reach out.

Meet Jared

1 min video transcription

I have a ministry Bachelor’s degree and I almost have a double major in Psychology, just a class or two short of that.

My Master’s Degree is in Marriage and Family Therapy and in Professional Counseling. So I can see individuals. I can also see couples and groups.

Also, I have a Master’s Degree in Theological Studies which helps tremendously with integrative approaches. I did a lot of work on the human person. It’s just a tremendous degree to have to blend together the work I’ve done so far.

So there’s one of the reasons to work with me. It has to do with my education. There are other reasons as well, but that’s just one I thought I’d offer today.

Meet Jared

I’ve been in ministry since 1993. I have logged countless hours counseling in college and counseling settings, and I offer online counseling for clients in the state of Michigan. I’ve consulted with ministers from the local level to world movements. I’ve taught as adjunct college faculty. I write for a big house and various venues.

I hope my materials (formal or informal) will be of service to you, and also will be empowering as you serve others.

Enjoy your weekend!

Meet Jared

For more quick videos, tune in on YouTube at JCIngle

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