NEW publication & vlog series review

NEW publication & vlog series review July 26, 2021

In this video I share a little bit about my most recent publication that you can order. I also review a series on prophecy that I recently completed. All of that information will be included here in this vlog.

NEW publication &
vlog series review

Hebrew Bible covenant series

gleaning last days truths from the Tabernacle and ArkCLICK HERE

2nd Temple Judaism, Black Panther, & Ezekiel’s Third TempleCLICK HERE

Peter Fjellstedt | Illustrations of the Temple of Ezekiel, from the bible of Fjellstedt | 1890 | Public Domain

covenant in retrospect, looking forward: CLICK HERE

Revelation series

nothing new really on Revelation 1-3CLICK HERE

the times from Revelation 4 forwardCLICK HERE

here are other views on Revelation: CLICK HERE

Revelation 12 | story within a story: CLICK HERE

Advent in Revelation to Second Advent and beyond CLICK HERE


For the Revelation series, I made some 60 second #shorts to introduce each one. #shorts are sort of a YouTube trend. For all I know, #shorts could already be a trend that’s passed.

Anyway, it was fun. I was able to embed them in most of the 5 articles on Revelation, but there was some tech difficulty during the last couple posts. I have since gone back and embedded the #shorts in all of the articles.

There is more on our YouTube channel than just me talking Theology.

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I hope my materials (formal or informal) will be of service to you, and also will be empowering as you serve others.

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