Snyder, Lenarduzzi, & Dante

Snyder, Lenarduzzi, & Dante September 16, 2021

Snyder, Lenarduzzi, & Dante: this article is really a mini-read with some of my favorite posts from this week. I took some really good pictures, but maybe I’ll save them for another time.

What is important seems to be connections with the outside world. It’s better for me to truly connect with people online than merely to post GIFs, although I do text a good GIF every once in awhile to select friends.

I am being impacted by these people and the programs that I’m sharing with you now.

i. Howard Snyder has been one of the greatest voices of our age on Pneumatology in the Wesleyan stream.

ii. Sunny Lenarduzzi is highly rated by Forbes for her line of work as an online coach with expertise in many areas.

iii. Dante is…

do I really need to explain why I’m interested in this free online course?

Major Christian honors colleges are participating together for this reading group. Leading professors are offering free online videos to explain each Canto (poem within the greater poem). This is a phenomenal opportunity to read this Christian masterpiece for the first time, or to revisit it through the eyes of the masters.

i. When I was younger, even in grade school, I was curious about Central America and South America.

Is it really a coffee and tea heaven?

Do the Alpines on the west coast compare to the mountain ranges I know so well on our west coast?

Is the climate on both west coasts similar at times because of El Niño?

What about unreached people groups?

IDK and I’m not even sure why I’m curious at times.

[Admittedly these questions have emerged with time and are not the same as those in my grade school geography reports. However, I did understand our mandate to spread the Gospel even at a young age].

But I found this prayer by Howard Snyder today, and thoughts of those distant places rushed over me again.

Howard Snyder | Friday Prayer | 09.10.21 | Facebook

Howard Snyder, Facebook, 09.10.21, 6:26 am

Friday Prayer (especially for our friends in the Southern Hemisphere):

Gracious God, I thank you for spring, with flowers and warm breezes and birds singing and rain falling. I praise you for new and renewed life. Help me walk with Jesus today, joyful in all you have made, and in deepening life in Christ through the Spirit, I pray. Amen.

* * *

I know all the birds of the air, and all that moves in the field is mine. If I were hungry, I would not tell you, for the world and all that is in it is mine. — Psalm 50:11-12

ii. Taking a leap of faith…

has always been a little easier for me in faith-based organizations. In some ways, it comes with the territory.

In this quick video Sunny Lenarduzzi does a great job of taking a look at these types of transitions in the marketplace.

[Sunny does not necessarily profess Christian faith. However, in this video she uses a Christian business as a leading example for what she is briefly teaching.]

iii. I just completed Canto 3

I love the videos with the professors explaining what we’re witnessing in each Canto… so well done! And there’s a fantastic discussion page on Facebook.

I’ve had 2 others sign up. Why don’t you join me in experiencing this ageless Christian saga? You can catch up easily. In fact, one friend signed up last night as we talked about it on the phone.

To take a look at the website for 100 Days of Dante CLICK HERE

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