in dialogue with others in scholastic settings

in dialogue with others in scholastic settings February 11, 2022


At times in dialogue with others in scholastic settings, Passages like this have been used to undergird a Marxist economic and ethical philosophy.

Matthew 20.1-16 among other New Testament (NT) Passages, is often misunderstood or applied in the wrong way.

Therefore, some assume the community of the NT is the seedbed for Marxism.

A careful examination of the Text, and others like it, show the fallacy of the above argument. No need to study the original languages to see it.

The difference is that Marxists replace human volition with reprogramming, coercion, and even force.

In effect, there are very few truly voluntary transactions or exchanges

Sometimes others set the trajectory for peoples’ vocation and life choices an early age as well, maybe based on various types of testing.

In this parable, the entire key, the point, the moral of the story, is that the exchange is based on human volition:

“did you not agree… Take… go. I choose to give… I give to you. Am I not allowed to do what I choose with what belongs to me? Are you envious because I am generous?” verses 13-15

The master deconstructs Marxism and Socialism, which demand involuntary equal distribution of goods and services, centuries before these systems arise.

Furthermore, it’s clear the Kingdom of God operates differently

No one said it’s fair or just by our standards. However, it is still great and mysterious.

Perhaps all who commit to work the fields can go home at the end of the day and not worry, because there’s always enough.

Perhaps all who commit will be surprised when unknown workers finally arise who have already gained a great reputation in the courts of heaven, and well-known workers will have to take a back seat to become the least (verse 16).

Christ is not talking about working a job and measuring results based solely on time or productivity or success, because it is performance-driven!

Our Lord is talking about the condition of the heart in a volitional exchange and calling. We have to willingly make vocation our act of worship.

Now for an afternoon cup of coffee. I’m not sure if the static electricity in my hair is adding to the strength of the brew or not, lol.

cuppa joe

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