Neither is LinkedIn a place for only being relevant

Neither is LinkedIn a place for only being relevant July 14, 2022

I don’t know what you think LinkedIn is, but it’s basically a mandatory meeting place geared around building others up.

It’s not geared around building others up in a Genesis 11 way, maybe not quite in an Acts 2 way either.

However there is some policing that takes place if someone is trolling, or simply promoting oneself, dropping links and running. If that’s what you want going over there, then I can guarantee it’ll be a lonely place for you.

Neither is LinkedIn a place for only being relevant.

Now when it comes to policing and justice, that’s more like it, and I don’t think that’s going anywhere anytime soon.

I am no police officer, but I have been accused of being an entry-level community life officer with a pastoral heart. It’s OK

I know I have a right to remain silent, but I’ll confess anyway I am not the best at refraining from promoting myself on LinkedIn.

At times when the thread gets too hot, I want to beg for divine mercy, especially when others are promoting great works and great people, maybe even good people who are greater than all that and a bag of chips.

best practices

In my lines of vocation, this is how the work gets done, promoting others in community.

I really do not want to go into word studies about peace and love, justice, and grace leading toward works of righteousness. There is a crux in time called The Christ Event. If you are acquainted with your community of faith, I would guess it has a way of considering who Christ is, even if your faith does not recognize Him the same way. It’s my opinion from my faith your opinion matters, simply because you’re a real human. We believe He’s seated with the Father in Heaven, as are Christians in a way. Perhaps it’s kind of like a couch, and the earth is His footstool, like displaying one’s kicks on the coffee table in the narthex where there’s a book of life displayed like what we used to call a coffee table book. As Keane said, but what do I know; about aNE treaties or covenants? I added my own, hurumph; oh call it only a tagline or something there. People have their own opinions about Keane which is why I would never include this paragraph in an old philosophy G+ thread. There just hasn’t been the respect there professionally one might find in select groups on LinkedIn. Disrespect is not the same as policing; mercy and grace leading to works of righteousness; the above average metrics on LinkedIn; just sayin’

In a similar vein, it’s also my opinion America is not all about how radical the Tea Party can be or socialism, although the pendulum can swing at times. Nonetheless, that’s the power of free press [like LinkedIn’s innate policing] to offer a counterbalance, the power to offer various views on the same thread, but I’ll tell you what that’s about tomorrow, certainly not now, because I don’t want creepers in my email like a boo! Hope I’m not making too many cross-references to other conversations; still.

I digress, but a little self-preservation doesn’t hurt especially in a fairly decent community like LinkedIn.

I think this is one reason I find LinkedIn to be such an amiable room.

I guess this evening prayers exercise is over.

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